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Thread: Opinions please? (pics)

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    Hello ladies (and gents)!

    Just want to get your opinions on thesehair clips, please. I'm putting 1 set on eBay today just to see if I can sell them.

    Do you think $2.55 (and $2.00 shipping) is too much for a set? I normally take them to the flea market for $1.50 each (so a set would be $3) but of course there's no listing fee there.

    I checked other listings and that seems to be less than the norm... but I'd really like a second opinion.


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    those are LOVELY!!!

    I bought a "set" similar to that one... it was 7 princesses ... actually 6 princesses plus tinkerbell... no castles though.. and it was $28.. got in on Etsy...

    I really REALLY like them!! whats youe ebay username???

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    So that works out to about $4/ea. Assuming that's with shipping, I'm pretty close.

    I'm glad you like them! I need to work on a Tink and I just can't get the color I want in the right size for Jasmine.

    My ebay username is: jngbaby

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    meeshybee, those are seriously beautiful. The detail in them is amazing. I have no idea how much they "should" cost, but I know I've seen similar, but not nearly as intricate for approximately $5-7 EACH. Yes, each.

    I only have one little girl in the family right now, and she has the darkest, finest hair. Those would look beautiful in her hair!

    Don't mean to gush, but sheesh! They are beautiful and your talent really shows!

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    OH WOW!!! Those are LOVELY!

    I think you're incredibly well priced, those are gorgeous!

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    Thanks ladies!

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    Wow! You are very clever! I think anyone who buys them are getting a bargain


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    awww they're cute - it looks like it'd be a very fiddly job to make them!

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