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Thread: Carpe Diem Feb 09 - Thursday 12th - DHS and EPCOT part 3

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    Well we saunter into Italy and there sin't much happening at the moment so the boys head over to do their masks and passports

    And I decide its high time we did a Kim Possible adventure so I go and ask a nearby CM for one in Germany as that our next stop.

    Quick kidcot stop, Vis Ze 'grumpy sisters' , who look both simultaneously bored and terrifying at ze same time, bidding a hasty retreat we start our German KP mission.

    I'm not going to post the pics of our adventure in German as it would kind of ruin the fun for people, but if anything it was beter than the Norway one we did - the ablity to interact with all sorts of objects that just look like background 'colour' is absolutely breathtaking and it brings out the little kid in you when you see a toy bring you a secret code ( I say no more )

    Boys are now totally about Kim possible adventures and I run ahead to get one for China which is our next stop ( presumably during the busy times they would be quite rationed but as it was quietish today they were freely avaliable - also I don't think its been particularly well advertised, I think it deserved a lot more coverage than it has got and could easily 'revitalise' world showcase for the kids

    Make the kids do their passports and masks before we play the game and as I wait and watch the cinema empties out and I overhear an elderly American couple brushing past me on their way out of the shop

    'Did you see all those cute little guys in the film? just makes you wanna go over and give 'em a hug'

    The China KP adventure is easily the best so far - sooooo many cool cool things and interactions, its like being in an adventure game and the connectivity of the device to the electronics in the 'reveals' is solid. One of the main advantages of the KP adventures is it makes you go into places that you might not have been before

    For instance for one of the clues you have to visit this exhibit

    Which I ashamed to admit I have never been to before in all the times I have been there.

    The sun was setting now and it was all rather pretty

    A brief stop in Norway to do the passports and masks whilst I try and avoid talking about face cream with some persistent scandinavian woman and its off to Mexico for the last KP adventure of the day - again this is superb, you even get to 'interact' with the Volcano at the back!! , quick passports again then Matthew decides he really really wants to go on

    'Its a Small Mexico after all now featuring Donald and er.. the other two' as before he has ever gone on it he has declared it 'His Best ride in mexico'

    Its basically the same ride with cartoons of the Duck superimposed over the old painfully 70's films which makes it infintely more enjoyable and Mari should not cringe too much when she goes on

    The end scene which was had some pretty firework lighting effects ruined by a scary mariachi band strung up on a carousel like something from a horror movie has now been replaced with...

    Which is certainly more fun.

    We had to 'again again' this a couple of times and it became slightly less fun by the 3rd time.

    Nearly there just Canada to go and the distance from Mexico to Canada actually felt like we were walking from Mexico to Canada, but with the promise of another poster to go in the attic driving us on we pushed ourselves ever onwards.

    Finally we arrived aching and hungry now the boys handed over their Passports and scribbled on the last remaining pixel of white that remained on their masks - they looked expectantly at the chap


    'Don't we get anything for finishing?'

    'Oh no they stopped that it was too expensive'

    :dozey: seriously of all the things to cut back on that seems a little tight.

    Right we have 2 priorities now food and a place to watch the fireworks. It is getting late and there are already people sitting 2 deep in all the best spots by the lagoon.

    Feeling the teensiest bit grumpy I decide to go to Morocco to see what I can do.

    Finding the lady who is minding the pointless roped off area I go and have a chat.

    I explain how the lady talked to me on the phone and show her the vouchers and more importantly still do the all important

    And she is a very nice lady who runs her fingers down her blank piece of paper and says 'ah yes, d'ya know what I can see your names clearly written on my booking sheet here ' She tells us to go and get some food and just be back 10 minutes before lights get low

    this holiday is charmed I tells ya - never hurts to ask

    We pop over the road into the Tangerine cafe and we share Meatballs with rice whilst Thomas has a kids meal.

    With 10 minutes to spare we push past all the crowds and into our roped off bit by the dock in Morocco and see she has let a few older people through which was nice too. The view looked like it might be obscured but was actually perfect - best I have ever seen infact. From the first note to the last it was spellbinding and yet again we all find ourselves more than a little emotional and speechless at the end, a combination of the fantastic effects , the music and the message.

    This is sooo soo soooo much better that the 'old' Illuminations which I'm afraid used to send me to sleep and seemed to go on for ever.

    Thomas is further thrown into raptures by the fact that they lazer project the globe onto the EPCOT ball at the end coutesy of the new sponsor which we haen't seen before.

    We drift slowly out of the park listening to Lisa and my favourite piece of Disney music ever ever from Tapestry of Nations - Weey la weey la wey la - you know what I mean - awesome

    EPCOT as I'm sure you know stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired which we certainly were, happy beyond measure but achey and tired.

    The queue for the bus was huuuge as at EPCOT the bus is shared with the Campground ( one of my tiny tiny gripes is that a lot of the deluxe resorts share their transportation with other resorts - plenty of times we were on buses that were full by the time they got to the Floridean - I know to most this will be a gripe on the same level as 'my diamond shoes are too tight' but to be fair you are paying $$$$$ to stay at these resorts and I feel it could be done a bit better - just my opinion I know.

    Another point is Disney has just bought a whole fleet of new buses with less seats in them and bigger standing capacity this also means that if someone is using an electronic buggy thing then a whole row gets flipped up.

    So the end of the day is spoiled slightly by the ride to the hotel being squashed up against someones sweaty pits, whilst the kids curl up and do the obligatory doze

    The special lights are turned on in the bus when we arrive back at the hotel ( the ones that are 1,000,000 times brighter than usual and only turned on at the end of an EPCOT day to the collective groans of the sweaty pits and their owners and we squeeze toothpast like out of the bus and up the ramp to our hotel.

    Utterly exhausted once more we just about manage to make it into bed before slipping into unconciousness.

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    Terra Cotta Warriors in China? Was it inside the museum area? That may be a fairly newish exhibit as it's not been there before, so don't feel bad about not having seen it!

    So happy that you finally ran into someone with some sense about those viewing areas!!!

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    EPCOT as I'm sure you know stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired which we certainly were, happy beyond measure but achey and tired.
    So very true and I now will forever think of it as the place where "every person comes out tired."

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    The Chinese warriors was something we never noticed before until a couple of years's pretty amazing.

    Loving your reports and photos You can certainly charm your way around WDW dear doctor

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    I feel like CLAPPING!!!

    Ill try not to cringe too much in Small Mexico... hahaha.. maybe Ill even skip it!!! Or have a couple of margaritas before we ride it.. hahahaha

    I cant believe they didnt give them anything after all their work!! I agree... to cut back on THAT!.... mmhp

    Yei!!! for the CM at the roped area.....thats the Disney spirit!!!

    See... I finally KNOW what EPCOT stands for!!!! I always thought Experimental whatever of Tomorrow was a bit dodgy.... hahahaha

    oh!!! I HAVE to see those Terracota warriors.... the pics is amazing!...I also LOVED the pics of when its getting dark

    Keep them coming!!

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    Terracota warriors Never knew they were there either. Love the EPCOT abv. So thankfully the off hand CM on the phone is in the minority as we know most CM are lovely.

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    Couple of years? Huh. I know they used to have an incredible display of many of the different ethnic groups in China in the museum. When they took that down we've not been back.

    I am so confused! Nothing new there!

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    And she is a very nice lady who runs her fingers down her blank piece of paper and says 'ah yes, d'ya know what I can see your names clearly written on my booking sheet here
    Hurrah for someone with sense. Lovely!

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    Another brilliant part to your TR!!! You should write a book!
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    Another brilliant report! It amazes me when I read your reports how much we haven't seen! definitely missed the warriors.

    The busses thing is something we commented on as well I'm sure it makes sense for them to squeeze more people on standing than sitting but it's very uncomfortable sometimes and not the best end to the day
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