The Kids wanted to spend a couple of hours at DisneyQuest so that was our first stop. I think this place is ok but it is in great need of ‘doing up’ as it’s looking very tired and run down and not everything was open. The kids went off to play while I checked in with The Dibb to see if anyone was missing me!!! Anyone see my post?

Before this trip a Niki had given us 4 AMC theatre tickets that they weren’t going to use so we went over to check what films were on at what time. The next day was a pretty free day so we decided to return to watch The Simpson’s Movie.

Our ADR at Planet Hollywood was for 5.30pm and although we were early we thought we’d see if we could get in. They took our photo at the top of the stairs and we were asked to wait while they checked. I’d heard a lot of mixed reports about PH but we liked the atmosphere straight away and the kids were pretty hyped.

They loved having a look round and took loads of photos and video of the memorabilia and each other!!

There was far too much food but we gave it our best shot!!!! I had potato skins to start, then ribs (never seen anything like it in my life!!) and attempted a Brownie to finish. DD had the same and DS had chicken strips, burger and fries aswell as the brownie!!!!

As we were waiting for our bill the kids noticed a man opposite our table (who had just finished his meal) picking his nose and eating it!! They thought his was hilarious but I couldn’t wait to get out!!

Shopping at Market Place was next on the agenda and I had promised DS he could make his own lightsaber. He spent ages choosing his bits and colours but was very happy with the result.
I was happy when I was in the $10 and under shop and got loads of bargains.

We were on our way back to the bus when I spotted the scrap booking shop. I parked the kids by the door with the rest of the bags and spent half an hour in heaven. All I need to do no is find time to put the scrapbook together!

We had far too many bags to carry so I had them all shipped back to ASMo and we caught the next bus to the Contempory then the monorail to MK so I could film Wishes for the last time and hopefully for the first time in it’s entirety without the film or battery running out! :thumbs-up