Lunch eaten so it's off for a walk around the castle grounds.

Lots more bits for the boys to run around and play in.

I wander into some cool trees with the boys to have a look and we find a "tree car"

Lovely grounds to walk around with lots of little things to stumble upon like the circle of logs with rune symbols on. Boys wore themselves out running around this. Quick chat with the peacocks and we headed back to the cars. Thomas is showing random strangers the hidden Mickey we found in one of the cool chestnut trees and drawing strange looks.

We head back to Chez Skywatcher for a welcome beverage. We have a quick peer through the special "look at the sun" telescope which was really cool even though apparently the sun wasn't performing for us. I thought it looked awesome.

Matthew is showing Steven his Bakugan collection. Thanks, now Steven wants at least 60 of them despite never seeing the TV programme. :dozey:

Thomas starts to show me his cubes. At first it's cool. We start with the standard rubiks cube and he demonstrates how he can do that cube and how his record compares with the world record. Then he gets another cube and does the same. Then I start to get a little anxious. Then the cubes become more and more complex. I start to back away nervously but he's following me saying "wait you haven't met the awesome power of the 7 square cube yet" and "look at this mighty one" It was scary witnessing that kind of intelligence up close. I'm glad I don't share a house with it.

Then Lisa gets the Discovery Cove photos out. There's talk of how it's worth every penny and how you get 2 meals and all your drinks free and then Lisa utters the words - CARPE DIEM! I'll have to check the website.

Quick wander round the corner to grab the local geocache and to admire the Mazda while the boys play together in the garden. Sadly it's time to go now as it's a school day tomorrow. We had a lovely day and it was a wonderful way to round off the school holiday.

Next stop - Bodiam Castle.