It began thus:

Me: Can I take my laptop on holiday?
DH: (Doesn’t look up from his book) No.
Me: Please?
DH: No.
Me: Pretty please?
DH: No.
Me: Why not?
DH: It’s too heavy for you to carry.
Me: You could carry it….?
DH: No.
Me: Rats…..

Fast forward 2 weeks…..

Me: Netbooks are really small.
DH: (Doesn’t look up from his book) Yes they are.
Me: I could carry a netbook.
DH: I expect you could.
Me: It would save having to print out loads of stuff and taking folders…
DH: (Still reading) That would be a mercy.
Me: And it would stop me from bothering you on the plane..
DH: (Still reading) Okay.
Me: And I wo…….wait……what did you say?…..
DH: I said, okay. You can have a netbook.

So I now have this dear little netbook:

And I will be bringing you Live! reports from WDW in September. I’ll try to log in a couple of times a day to post and answer questions too.