Tuesday 28th August

No alarms to wake us this morning as I think our bodies are giving up.
We are nearly ready to go home. We have done everything and all the early mornings and late nights are taking their toll

I woke at 9ish and checked the weather forecast. Funnily enough it was going to be hot and sunny……..again!!!

I went back to sleep and we all finally woke up at 11am. That’s more like it! We caught the bus to DTD and 12.

Jack took lots of photos and I did lots of shopping. Still I’m not worried because we have 32kg baggage allowance per case and we bought an extra one with us.

We went to the Earl of Sandwich for lunch which was fantastic. Never known anyone to make a sandwich so exciting and it was all on the DP.

We’d decided the previous day to come and watch the Simpson’s Movie so we headed for the AMC theatre with our free ticket vouchers.
There was an American couple in front of us and being the lovely generous person that I am I tapped them on the shoulder and offered them one of our 4 free tickets. Good deed done for the day.

The film was fab but the theatre was a little chilly after the outside heat.
We sat and laughed all the way through. Especially when Bart showed us all his ‘doodle’!!!!

We did a last sweep of the shops knowing we would not be back this trip and made sure there was nothing left that I hadn’t bought!

Wilderness Lodge was calling us for our ADR at Whispering Canyon so we made our way to the buses.

We had a good look round the resort then went to check in.

We were given a buzzer but no sooner had we sat down it started to vibrate.
I was a little disappointed to find our table was out the back away from the main restaurant because I knew how much fun there was here. However I had a coupe of tricks up my sleeve so I didn’t think it would matter.
Our server was great fun and really played his part well.

We all ordered the skillet with a top up of ribs and corn on the cob!!!
The food was fab. I asked jack to ask our server for some ketchup and it went mad! He shouted ‘KETCHUP’ and everyone descended on our table with this result.

I then asked DD if she wanted a top up of her drink and told her to ask the server for a large coke this time to keep her going. This was the result!

There was someone acting rather childishly too!!!

I forgot to take before food photos but this is the mess we left!

We finished dinner fairly early so decided to give Fantasmic another go.

It was EMH night at MGM so a lot of people were heading there.
The bus from WL arrived in plenty of time for us to ride R&RC before we lined up for Fantasmic.
It was ages before we were seated as once the area was open the crowds moved so slowly and there was a lot of pushing and shoving and ramming of heels with buggies and wheelchairs!

Eventually the show started and we sat there the whole time mesmerized as usual. The best thing of all was that it didn’t rain!!!!

As we exited the majority of the crowd turned left so with EMH in mind we turned right to collect our bands.
We rode R&RC and best of all TOT in the dark which adds an extra bit of excitement!

We decided to head for the buses before everyone else did but for some reason there was still a massive queue.
It was quite entertaining listening to everyone moaning about ho long the lines were, that it was too hot and that they didn’t understand how their dining plan worked even though they’d been using it for a week!!!! Why do people still insist on moaning even when they are on holiday?
The kids got fed up with waiting too.

It took forever to get back to ASMo so the kids collected our refillable mugs so we could get a drink before getting to bed at 12.30am.
We really must do some packing!!!