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Thread: Tell me about a very DISNEY EXPERIENCE

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    it can be a CM who went out of his/her way to help you, to a character that did more than he had to to make you happy, to a bus driver that was way too kind...

    you know... jus ta VERY Disney experience!!!!

    Here are a couple of mine...

    1. at Bistro de Paris I ordered somehting with Truffle sauce and I seriously couldnt taste the truffles ANYWHERE..... the French server overheard something and came back with a plate FULL of truffle powder..... for free I thought that was EXTRA NICE!

    2. On our first trip as a couple I was in a wheelchair due to a car accident, we arrived at AKL and the CM who checked us in not only upgraded us from a Standard to a Savannah view room, but also put us in one close to the lobby so Toņo wouldnt have to push me around for 15 minutes... That started our holiday with a big

    3. During our honeymoon I fell asleep on a bench in Norway , how many people can say that, huh?? Anyway, I woke up and was COVERED in Mickey stickers..... apparently two CMS came up to Toņo and asked if they could do it.... so I walked around the rest of the day with Mickey stickers EVERYWHERE..... it was a funny day!

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    All wonderful touches of Disney. One event came to mind. It was getting late near closing in MK. DW, DD and I went over to Space Mountain. There was a big line. So we decided to get a fast pass and come back later. CM came up and started to print fast pass tickets for us as the machine was acting strange. She printed like 10 of them for us with a wait of like ten minutes. We went on twice each and had a few left over to give to a dad and his boy and a couple of sisters. Felt good to pay it forward.

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    Ummmm, lessee...
    We were once slogging up the hill from the boardwalk toward the BC when a CM came along with a little golf cart and gave us a lift to the resort.

    Our favorite bartender at OKW (no longer there ) gave us a free Bud with lime one time, kicking off our longest Disney tradition.

    A CM at a french fry stand in DHS once gave me a large packet of french fries for free. No reason, just "here you go!"

    A CM at the ticket window once went through about a zillion tickets until she came up with a Tinkerbell one for Herself.

    I guess in the grand scheme of things we've not had anything too dramatic, but nice little bits here and there.

    Mari, I love the Mickey sticker one!

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    Okay.... I have many but this being the most recent...

    Last summer my family was in Disney during the year of a million dreams. We were walking through one of the trails at Animal Kingdom and right before we reached the gorillas a CM stopped us. I was assuming that in was too crowded and they wanted to stop traffic for a bit until she started explainging that it was the year of a million dreams and we had just been chosen to recieve a special prize thats when she handed out lanyard packages. Each of us recieved a lanyard with 4 pins that you couldnt buy anywhere on property. My kids being big traders were thrilled.. I was hoping for a night in the castle, but this was pretty cool too!!!!

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