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Thread: Countdown timer for desktop

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    Hi all Reckon I've caught the techhie bug from Mystikpiglit and her new netbook....

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and free programme for a timer that I can set on my laptop / PC desktop?

    I want to be able to see my Disney countdown everytime I switch on my laptop screen and everytime I close an application on my PC at will keep me cheerful!!!!

    I've googled it and there seem to be loads of timers available on the net...just don't want to load something dodgy!

    Thanks xx
    We may all grow old but don't ever grow up xxxxx

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    I have used this one before without any problems

    Or, you could just set Google as your homepage and add a countdown timer, I currently use this one

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    Here's a suggestion. It may be a little more complicated but it works for both PC and Mac and is very reliable.

    1. Download and install "Yahoo:Widgets"
    2. Once installed and running, choose "Get More Widgets"
    3. Search for the "Atomic Timer" widget. Get that one.
    4. Install the Disney Countdown theme for the Atomic Timer widget.

    The advantage to this is that you get the Yahoo:Widget engine and they've got tons of different widgets for all kinds of things. And it runs on both PC and Mac so no matter which platform you've got, you're covered.

    Hope this helps!

    Tom (... love them countdown timer thingys)

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    Good question, Em.

    I had looked for one too. Let me know how you get on.

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