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Thread: online visa waiver application help needed

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    Hello all, hope I have not posted in the wrong section.
    In july we are going back to Orlando after a year break, so now we have to go through the online application for the visa waiver programme.
    I have typed in the website address given by the company who we have booked through and to be honest I am a bit puzzled, one site is asking for a 20 payment for the application to be processed, my question is, is this now the routine? that you have to now pay to travel using the visa waiver programme?
    Any advice, particularly from people who have been to Orlando under the new rules would be very much appreciated, thanks.


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    DON``t bother with that site!
    Registering is free although sites like that will get your visa for you for a fee!
    Here is the official site where I registered a while back and it`s easy peasy! [Click on the link on the site to get the application form on your pc and then you can register on line.]

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