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Thread: Halloween and christmas party tickets?

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    I know that tickets for these things go on sale May 1st but does anyone know if they go on sale at 8am just on the phone to disney or on the web site as well?

    It would be easier for us to book online but I dont want to wait for that and miss out if it would be better to phone

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    And does anyone know if you can add them to your package? or do you have to get them seperately? thanks

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    normally the website is a little later than the phone lines, but not enough for tickets to sell out.

    They are a separate hard ticket, so not able to be added onto bookings.

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    Thanks Val, I need to book these too and since I need oct 31 itself gulp I'm worried about sell out as well. It sounds like phoning is better.

    Is it the ADR line or is there an events line?
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    sorry had to check as I use the TA line..oops



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    What are these parties please? Are they expensive?

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