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Thread: Golden Corral any good?

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    We've seen this a lot by the road but never tried it Is it worth a visit?

    If not, what other steak places are good

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    That depends, are you looking for great steak, or are you looking for lots of food relatively cheap? Golden Corral would be at the bottom of my list along with Ponderosa, Ryans and others of that ilk. But lots of Brits, especially, like them.

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    exactly what John said, and i'm a Brit too :tongue:

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    It's on our list to try in August.

    I assume it's a buffet the same as Ponderosa?

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    its all to do with personal preference personally i hate the place i really dislike school dinner hall type places but i do know lots who love it but i would honestly rather starve as i say its a personal thing

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    We really loved it - its something you need to try, if you dont like it then you've not lost anything really

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    If you are going to try a Golden Corral, be sure to stick with the one nearest Disney, on Vine. It's the only one that hasn't had bad health department reports. DO NOT go to the one one west 192. It's in trouble with the inspectors all the time.

    I'm with the "don't like it" group, but it is a place where you can surely get filled up for not too much. I think it's about $10-12 per adult now, but you can get a coupon for some off, if you pick up one of those Orlando visitor guide brochures.

    If you want decent steak at a decent price, go to Long Horn. There are several throughout the area, with the newest being on 192 west. It's simple, clean and as our Wendy's DH will attest, you can get chips with your steak!

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    we went to the one at LBV and it was very good imo

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    I think this... the reason we Brits like it is because the steak there in the USA is so tender, it must be an American thing. You see our steak here in England is deemed good but until you try the American steak/beef you don't realise what cr@p we have been eating. Even the steak at Golden Corral is meltingly tender to us Brits. So for us to be able to get lovely steak like that and at those prices it is a no brainer for us. Well that's my take on it anyways.

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    Goodness. You must have some chewy steak in the UK if the beef at Golden Corral is tender!

    Helly, you must try a proper steakhouse! (If you haven't already). Head to Ruth's Chris or Keith's fave, Charley's.

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