Ok....here's the deal. Rick and I are going to be celebrating our 30th...YES...30 anniversary in September. I'm all excited for sure. Anyway, since he's been retired from his job for a year, and working at the airport (he's in the security dept) our finances aren't what they used to be. We've decided to not get each other anything expensive. I'm all for that. In fact..he's gone so far as to say this upcoming RoadTrip is our anniversary gift to each other.

So...right before we nod off to sleep...I asked him if we were going to go out to dinner or anything, and he says 'well, yes, of course.....and you're going to LOVE your gift!" WHAT!!!! what gift??? We weren't supposed to get each other anything! He does that evil laugh that he's so good at.

Now I want to do the 20 questions thing "Is it bigger than a bread box" Can I eat it? Can I use it? Will I like it? What is it? He's so no help.

And I've got to come up with something to get for him. And since I'm a SAH Nana...I've got no income..so he's paying for his own gift! :207:

Sorry..I had to get that off my chest!