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Thread: The Gatorade Replay Pics

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    Our transportation
    in front of The Giants Bus
    then the gang , my sweetie, my niece Lacey, my BFF Diana, Kim, Pat and his BFF and best man Gary
    the quenue getting into the game
    The Liners enter the field
    Hows this for a shot of Eli
    Peyton running onto the field
    Peyton trying to advise an Easton player
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    Looks like a fun day!

    I am loving your top Debi


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    great pics i love your top too

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    Nice photos Sister Tinker? How did the game go? If you've posted about it elsewhere I'll find it. I've just logged on now and this was the first thread by you that I saw.

    Looks like it was a wonderful time!

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    check my thread, I've Been Ill, Sister Tink .

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    You have? Oh! I'm sorry to hear that.

    Oh! :spring: That's the name of the thread too. Sheesh. I'm slow sometimes. :spring:

    I hope you feel better now, Sister Tinker!

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    Thank You for the compliments on my top . I had a pink matching tank underneath it . Its very light and comfortable . One of my FL tops .

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    was this the game that was tied in 93 or 94 and they played again? I watched it on the news!

    looks like you had a GREAT time!!

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    you saw it on the news in Mexico . WoW, thats insane !!! Yes, you are correct, we tied 7 to 7 in 1993 . And these 30 some year olds trained for 8 weeks and suited up again .
    I had to laugh, our players were older than Eli . Wonder if he thought , I should sign some of these players up as walk ons for The Giants .
    The Manning brothers were completely stunned . Eli said, they only had 1,000 fans in the stadium when he played HS football and that was with the visitor team fans , too .
    He was completely in awe with the PBurg/Easton rivalry tradition .

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    Looks like fun! Also like the top! Very summer.

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