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Thread: worried about this flu thing

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    Im really worried, will we have to cancel our trip to florida because of this swine flu? theyre already telling people not to go to mexico

    I know its to limit the transmission but I think the cats out of the bag anyway

    do you think they'll stop people going to the states?

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    Hi Buzzchamp!

    We're talking about this very thing in the thread started by Dawn entitled "Interesting" if you'd like to pop by.

    Our Doc is telling us that the media has sensationalized the entire thing, and that we should not buy into the "panic" mindset.

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    One step at a time my friend , try not to be too worried just yet

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    Im trying very very hard not to get too worried...

    and its very hard to do

    still.. Im stayin away from Doritos.. just to be safe!

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