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Thread: Seaworld opens Sneak Preview of new Manta roller coaster

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    It has been confirmed that SeaWorld Orlando will begin a "sneak preview" for its new Manta roller coaster at high noon on Tuesday, May 5. The ride also will open at noon every day after through at least Sunday, May 10, says SeaWorld spokesman Nick Gollattscheck.

    "A lot of the locals and residents want to experience this before summer," he says.

    Further updates to the Manta schedule can be checked at, Gollattscheck says.

    At one point, Manta was not scheduled to open until "summer." Its current, official opening date is May 22, the Friday before Memorial Day.

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    Thank you for that information....I've just sent a text to my neice who is in Orlando right now to let her know.

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    Manta preview video

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