Having some major issues with the technology as its not a straightforward piece of kit at all - clearly designed for people who understand different codecs and debayer matrixes ( I am unfortunately not amongst them).

The 'seeing' was rubbish last nigh in other words there was high cloud and the atmosphere was very 'wobbly' but I did manage to get closer into the moon that I have done before - never the less this camera is capable of so so so much more than this and I am actually quite grumpy about it - it is hardly an ' out of the box camera'

right to orientate you on the moon this was an old pic I took

Top middle of the picture is a tiny flat surfaced crater called Plato which looks lovely through a scope and next to it is a little 'scar' called the Vallis alpes that has a little crack running through it that is just a mile accross - never been able to see this before the best I had ever managed before last night was this one

Hope you can compare the lower pic with the once at the top to compare the 2 and orientate

This was the same 2 areas from last night

1st Plato

And the Alpine Valley

I really hope it is going o bet better

A very quick Saturn as well - not good as it is now very small and as the rings are edge on its actually pretty feint