Gavin works for a company that make, amoung other things, beds. We purchased a bed from them 18 months ago and recently realised it was damaged. Not a problem, company offered a replacement despite it been 6 months out of warranty because the fault was a design flaw.

The new bed was supposed to be delivered today. So we got up and Gavin dismantled the old bed ready for them to take away, 10mins after this was done they rang to say the new bed was damaged! I am not impressed!

We were faced with a few choices now, re-build the old bed to then dismantle again in a week or two. Sleep on the mattress with the bed in bits all around us or sleep on the mattress but ask the company to still come and collect the old bed.

I voted for option three 'cos it takes an hour to dismantle or build this bed and to re-build and dismantle again is another two hours of unessesary labour when he still needs to build the new bed when it gets here and i'd rather not have it lying around mocking me while I sleep on the floor!

Gavin's waiting for them to ring to say if they'll still collect the old bed, they'd flaming well better!