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    I would like to say that the rest of the trip went by without any mishap .
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    OK. The rest of the trip went by without any mishap. There. I said it
    ‘Cept it’s not quite true. After an excellent and relaxing evening spent feasting outside on our terrace, having barbecued some good ribeye steaks and mushrooms, accompanied by a huge tomato salad and excellent crusty bread, all washed down with some lovely pink vintage Cava we slept wonderfully. The bed was really very comfortable. We woke to the lovely sight of the Med, albeit a bit of a grey one. We already knew it was going to rain on Sunday and were psyched up for that anyway. We had a leisurely breakfast of yoghurt, ham, cheese and bread, and I went for my shower while DH tidied the remains away (he’s very good like that ).

    After 30 seconds of thinking “This is a lovely shower” the temperature suddenly changed from beautifully hot to Arctic cold. I squealed very loudly and OH came rushing in expecting to be confronted by a scene from Psycho <o:p></o:p>
    After a few interesting words from me, we read the information booklet, which told us if that happened we had to go and check the boiler and relight it, Which was all very well, except the boiler was outside and rain was of monsoon-like proportions I was wrapped in a towel, so it was up to OH to go rushing outside to find the boiler, find the key that worked the door, and do something technical to fix it. Strangely enough, we hadn’t thought to bring our wet weather gear so he wasn’t best pleased, but he was a hero anyway. After 3 false starts the boiler lit. I finished my shower. OH went to take his, and the Psycho moment occurred again. There was NO WAY we were going to deal with that again in the rain. We sussed out that the bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs were on a separate system and so he trudged down there. This wasn’t ideal as the downstairs wasn’t as salubrious as upstairs, and it was a little dark and cold due to it being shut up and unused. But needs must. Same thing happened the next day, this time when I was halfway through shampooing my hair

    Chas was called and said he’d be around to sort it all out between 3 and 4pm. Great, at least we knew when and could be prepared for him. At 1pm I was lying by the pool, wearing only the bottom of my bikini (we weren’t overlooked at all) and we hear Chas tooting his car horn and pulling up in our drive (Obviously he has difficulty with telling the time). I raced upstairs and managed to get covered up just in time
    Chas read the same instructions we did and did exactly what we did with the boiler. He asked us if we had definitely been turning the hot tap on and not the cold one. DH pinched my arm to stop me saying anything rude to him. Chas then fiddled with the boiler some more and declared that it was just dust in there, he had blown it away, and all would be well now. I actually think my face looked exactly like this smiley <o:p></o:p>
    The next morning I ran the shower before getting in (I’m nothing if not a fast learner). 30 seconds later, icy cold water We showered downstairs. And the next morning. The worst thing really was that although we could go downstairs to showere, there was no way of getting hot water upstairs for the kitchen without boiling a kettle. But nothing nwas going to spoil our holiday!!!

    But I must say that by the time we came back on Wednesday afternoon from a day out it was mended – Chas had got someone in to probably blow the rest of the dust away and swap the taps round so we weren’t using the wrong one At least we had hot water for three days!
    So anyway, we needed some fresh bread, and we wanted to drive to explore a little so we headed to Nerja, the little white town on the coast. The villa was about 8km inland, and we drove the windy steep road down. By the time we parked the car , although it was still cloudy the rain ahd stopped and we were able to walk around. We popped into Nerja a few times over the week. It is not really “touristy” yet and still retains it’s Spanishness. We loved it’s atmosphere. We had breakfast on a little outdoor terrace overlooking the sea 3 times, and it was wonderful to hear and smell the ocean, and to watch the gulls and swallows wheeling around in the air. The Balcon deEuropa is a little viewing point that looks out onto lovely seaviews:
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