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Thread: Just the two of us ~ Gavin & Jodie ~ Orlando 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveann, post: 131455
    absolutly fantastic lovved your reports its taken me ages to plough through it but wow what good trippee
    Awwww jeez, your making me blush

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    Part 13 Day 10 Sunday 08th October

    Alarm call at 07.45 and I bounced out of bed as cheerful and energetic as the day we arrived, Gavin did not.

    Breakfast at Pop again

    Bagel - $2.29
    Chocolate Croissant - $2.79
    Cinnamon Roll - $2.59
    Croissant - $2.29
    Mile - $1.29
    Water - $1.25
    Tax - $0.74

    Total - $13.24

    Then off to Disney’s/MGM Studio’s for opening. There is more of a fanfare at rope drop here with street actors announcing your all part of the crowd for their filming today. Far more entertaining than Magic Kingdom or Epcot.

    First I got one Fastpass for Tower of Terror then one for Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster. I would be riding both of these alone as Gavin’s a scaredy cat. A big 6ft 2” scaredy cat.

    After a couple of Photopass pictures and one with the lastest star we went on the Great Movie Ride (I hid behind Gavin during the Indiana Jones scene).

    My fastpass windpw was open now. I hadn’t gone on either of these last year and the pre-show film on Tower of Terror really got my knees trembling but it was fun. It felt more like the lift was bouncing up and down the dropping dramatically then dragging you back to the top to do it again. Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster was good but almost exactly the same as DLRP, but not as jerky, so I knew what to expect.

    Onto Muppets 3D now and when we left here I spotted Woody with no queue so dragged Gavin over for a Photopass picture.

    Hungry we went to Pizza Planet for lunch.

    Cheese Pizza - $5.59
    Pepperoni Pizza - $5.89
    Coke - $2.09
    Sprite - $2.09
    Chocolate Chip Cookie X2 - $3.78
    Tax - $1.27

    Total - $20.71

    After lunch we headed over to the Backlot Tour and joined the un-air-conditioned queue. Only waited around 15 mins though. This is good but not a must see every year. After the tour I had a photo taken with Fantasia Mickey then we went into One Mans Dream. The narration is so much better now Julie Andrews does it. I could look at the stuff in here for ages but other places to be.

    We just had time to grab a drink ($2.09) before heading to the 14.00 showing of Indiana Jones Stunt Show. I had seen this before but Gavin hadn’t, we had skipped it last year in favour of Lights, Motors, Action.

    Once the show was over I convinced Gavin to hang around a while and watch the Stars and Motor Cars parade. We waited near a fountain but it was very hot and some obnoxious ‘I want, I deserve, I need, I must have’ guests camped out near us so we escaped to the other side of the street and stood in an air-conditioned doorway.

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    Our plans changed now. We did have a 16.00 adr at Hollywood and Vine for the Fantasmic package but I needed to shuffle a couple of things around as we wanted to visit Animal Kingdom and Epcot again before we left. I pencilled in Epcot for the day we flew, it would be a first for us, doing something on our very last day but we didn’t fly until 20.30 so it worked out well. In order to fit in Animal Kingdom I sacrificed Fantasmic as if we went to Magic Kingdom’s Extra Magic Hours tonight we could replace our Magic Kingdom day with Animal Kingdom. We weren’t really missing out on anything, just re-prioritising. I didn’t really want to do Magic Kingdom then Animal Kingdom on the same day as the first few hours in the day really are the best ones for park touring.

    Back to Pop at 16.00 for refills and a snack then we rested until we left for Magic Kingdom.

    Grapes - $3.29
    Chips - $2.99
    Twix - $1.25
    Muffin - $2.29
    Milk X3 - $3.87
    Tax - $0.90

    Total - $14.59

    We managed two hours of uninterrupted sleep before leaving for Magic Kingdom at 19.30, I hadn’t realised we were so tired. Most of our rest time had been spent watching TV, browsing the internet, making up notes or playing with the PSP rather than sleeping but it must be catching up with us now.

    Arrived at Magic Kingdom during Spectromagic so Main Street USA was packed. We waited until the parade was over then moved very slowly down Main Street avoiding the ECV lady who thought it was her job to carve a path for her family. We found a spot for Wishes outside the Plaza Restaurant and held tight until it was over. We both enjoyed this but Gavin was most impressed with Tinkerbell and asked if she was coming back! From where we were you got a very good view of her.

    After the show we had some tea at Cosmic Rays it came to $22.00 but the server behind the counter took my receipt after he gave me my tray.
    Hamburger & Fries, Chili-Cheese Fries, Double Cheeseburger & Fries, Coke & large Sprite.

    It was 22.00 now and the start of Extra Magic Hours. I hadn’t expected the park to empty but it was still very crowded with most not wearing a wristband, we had gotten ours just after the turnstiles.

    We went on the TTA, another first for us and a nice rest for tired legs.

    Walked through Fantasyland but it was packed 30 mins for everything. Haunted Mansion was a walk on then we rode the following in this order with 10 mins or less wait on each. Everyone we saw now had a wrist band on.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Splash Mountain
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Jungle Cruise
    Buzz Lightyear
    Space Mountain

    Gavin was chuffed to bits on Buzz ‘cos he scored better than me. He must have found a mega points target, one minute he was on a rubbish 2000 then he has a whopping score of 240000! I only got 47000. We bought the Buzz photo as Gavin was on a high and wanted a reminder even though it didn’t have the score on it $26.58 inc frame.

    We got a few Photopass pictures done at various places in front of the castle again although this time in the dark then it was almost 01.00 so time to head for home.

    Mug Refills - 2 for me and 1 for Gavin who has taken to drinking Milk
    Weather - Breezy and cloudy 87 degrees

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    Part 14 Day 11 Monday 09th October

    Had a major lie in today, didn’t get up until almost noon! We had been scheduled to re-visit Islands of Adventure but as I knew we would be tired I had delayed that and brought forward Blizzard Beach and Mini Golf.

    Before we set off to WinterSummerland we had lunch at Everything Pop

    Cheeseburger & Fries - $5.89
    Chicken Strips & Fries - $6.69
    Nachos - $6.59
    Cookies X2 - $3.78
    Tax - $1.50

    Total - $24.45

    When we got to the mini golf course the Winter side was busy so we opted for Summer ($22.90 for two with no discounts). We were playfully competitive and I only lost by one stroke! Gavin 47 Me 48 on a par 56 course. We didn’t get the magic hole in one so no free drink. Gavin bought a pink lemonade instead $2.44.

    A quick stop at Pop to get my swimming costume and at Blizzard Beach for 15.15.

    I rode the Toboggans and Snow Stormers twice then Runoff Rapids once, I would have gone on the rapids again but the steps were killing me.

    On the way out of Blizzard Beach we stopped for a drink and donuts.

    12 Mini Donuts - $3.25
    Hot Chocolate - $2.50
    Sprite - $2.50

    Total - $8.25, doesn’t appear to be any tax added to this receipt

    Back at Pop around 17.00. I refilled our mugs while Gavin queued to get a package and he spotted some ‘Cars’ matchbox type cars and with a little encouragement from me he bought one of each type available $93.72. Gavin loves cars and has tons of them on display in our house, he also races remote control cars. At Pop there was only about ½ of the ‘Cars’ available so every shop we went in we had to look. We managed to get quite a few before we left but Gavin had to buy the last few on eBay.

    At 19.30 we headed out for tea. We had decided on Race Rock on iternational Drive.

    Vegetarian Pizza - $8.50
    Blackened Chicken Sandwich - $8.95
    Vanilla Milkshake - $5.25
    Coffee - $1.75
    Tax - $1.59

    Total - $26.04 plus tip

    Race Rock was ok but despite our server been friendly and pleasant he was clearly overworked. I am sure Gavin had a soft drink which we don’t appear to have been charged for and he made the biggest mistake of all. Not offering us a dessert menu! We were given the bill as soon as our knives and forks were pushed together and Gavin had to ask for a refill then wait ages to get it. We would return though, like I said he seemed very overworked and certainly wasn’t rude just distracted.

    We drive to Wal*Mart next to buy some sweets for work and get Gavin some milk (I cant stand the stuff) I also managed to find a case for my mp3 player. I have a Sony Walkman and all the accessories are usually for the Ipod. We were in Wal*Mart for ages, the place is massive and one or the other of us would wonder off and get lost. We left at 23.00 having spent $33.19.

    Before heading home we checked out Lake Buena Vista Factory Store to ensure we knew where to go for Free Time check in, last year we had just followed Gavin’s dad here and not paid much attention. We found it easily enough but when I checked my voucher back at Pop I was supposed to have gone to the Travel City Direct welcome meeting to exchange it for a Free Time check in voucher, this is of course exactly what I thought I had, me thinks this is a ploy to get people to their crummy welcome meetings. After a quick look at our Photopass pictures online we were in bed at 00.00

    Mug Refills - 2 Each
    Weather - A cool but sunny 82 degree’s

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    Part 15 Day 12 Tuesday 10th October

    Up at 07.30 thanks to Mickey and Stitch we had breakfast at Pop before heading out to Islands of Adventure.

    Bread - $0.69
    Cereal with Milk - $2.99
    Cinnamon Roll - $2.59
    Muffin - $2.29
    Milk - $1.99
    Tax - $0.69

    Total - $11.24

    We arrived at the turnstiles for Islands of Adventure at 08.50 and they were already letting people in but as only three were open it took ages for the cm’s to check everyone’s tickets and ask for signatures or finger prints.

    Spiderman was first again, this has definitely changed since last week. There is a very obvious Halloween addition but we both thought there were a few other changes aswell.

    Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls twice as it was a walk on then onto Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges three times because they are fun! Jurassic Park River Adventure was our last ride and the picture was good so we bought it $23.38 including frame.

    Before we left we had lunch at Circus McGurkus

    Spaghetti & Meatballs - $7.69
    Pepperoni Pizza - $6.79
    Chocolate Cake - $2.79
    Jelly - $1.99
    Milk - $1.99
    Orange Juice - $1.89
    Tax - $1.51

    Total - $24.65

    You know your eating in a restaurant aimed at kids when your eating spaghetti from a plastic plate with a yellow fork and a red knife!

    Walked back to the car slowly to try and dry off but no such luck so back to Pop for a change of clothes before heading out to swoop our Free time check in voucher for a Free time check in voucher at the Travel City Direct office. It really was just a scam to get people to the welcome meeting. All the lady did was attach another scrap of paper to my voucher with her initials on it. Before we left we popped into the Old Navy store to see if there were any bargains for Gavin, he wouldn’t try on any jeans so we stuck to t-shirts and he ended up with four all on offer at $21.26 for the lot which with our exchange rate was £2.90 a t-shirt which even a self confessed shopping hater like me can see it’s worth a quick browse.

    Back to Pop at 13.30 we rested doing the usual stuff, internet, PSP. TV and writing up some trip notes.

    Out again at 16.00, we were going to see Cirque Du Soleil at 18.00 but had some souvenir shopping to do first.

    At World of Disney we spent ages looking for a Cars display and eventually found one of Gavin’s missing Cars but having spent so long on this we only just had time to squeeze in an ice-cream on the way to Cirque Du Soleil.

    Cookies & Cream $4.98
    Mint Choc Chip - $4.98
    Fanta - $2.29 reg
    Fanta - $2.99 lrg
    Tax - $0.99

    Total - $16.23

    I was still feeling a little apprehensive about the show as Gavin hadn’t really come round. When we were seated I mentioned I had a mild headache and Gavin said he was happy to leave if I didn’t feel up to it! We stayed, we saw and we loved. The show is amazing and if you haven’t seen it, please do I guarantee you will not leave disappointed .

    Show over we headed to Planet Hollywood for tea. There was a 40 min wait but this time we were allowed to wait inside at the bar.

    Chicken Crunch - $8.45
    Bruschetta - $8.45
    BBQ Chicken Burger - $11.95
    Chicken Fajita - $16.95
    Miller Lite - $4.00
    Coke - $2.75
    Tax - $3.43

    Total - $55.98 plus tip

    After tea we browsed some more both at World of Disney and at Everything Pop. I bought a couple of pins and a Mickey Plush $24.39 and Gavin found two more cars at Pop that hadn’t been there yesterday $21.32. He is now only eight cars down so is on a mission to find some more before we head home to avoid the price hikes on eBay. All of these cars will remain boxed and in pristine condition until he passes them on to a younger family member or we cant afford to pay the gas bill.

    Back at the room I pack some more stuff, I have been doing this steadily for the last few days so there isn’t much room left in the cases but I do have loads of unpacked stuff. Bed around 11.30.

    Mug Refills - 1 each
    Weather - No breeze, no cloud, a sunny 84 degrees

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    Part 16 Day 13 Wednesday 11th October

    Another early rise for our last full day.

    After breakfast in the food court we set off for Animal Kingdom.

    Bread - $0.69
    Chocolate Croissant - $2.79
    Grapes - $3.29
    Orange Juice - $1.69
    Milk - $1.99
    Muffin - $2.29
    Tax - $0.83

    Total - $13.57

    Arrived just as rope drop was finishing and headed straight for Expedition Everest for a Fastpass.

    We tried to get on Kali River Rapids next but they didn’t open until 10.00 so we walked to Africa and joined the 30 min queue for Kilimanjaro Safari’s. Our guide was the best one I have ever had, the truck was moving very slowly as there was lots of traffic and he pointed out loads of stuff we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise and gave us tons of information on the animals. He was definitely someone who loved his job.

    Expedition Everest time was here so back to Asia. Gavin loved his second ride, me I’m not so sure. I cant disagree with the themeing but the thrill element, in particular the backwards section makes me feel sick. This time was worse than last time but we had been sat near the front so I hoped it was that that had made me feel so bad as we were going on again in less than an hour as before we rode we had gotten more Fastpasses.

    To calm my stomach we sat down for a while and I had a Toll House Cookie and Gavin got an Orange ice-lolly and a sprite (no receipt) we sat here for a while resting an people watching.

    Fully recovered we went on Dinosaur, there was a 30 min wait but it passed quickly. I am sure they can alter the intensity of this ride depending who’s at the controls! We bought the picture for this as we both look petrified! $40.42, X2 5x7 and one Animal Kingdom frame.

    Expedition Everest Fastpass time was up again , I just about stopped myself from vomiting so I guess this ride isn’t for me. As Gavin loved it so much I will go on again in the future but will limit him to one ride a day, I may use this as a bargaining tool to get him back on The Mummy!

    We had lunch at Restaurantosaurus, it seemed very busy but we found a table easily.

    Cheeseburger & Fries - $5.89
    McNugget X10 & Fries - £5.49
    Cookies - $0.99
    Strawberry Shortcake - $3.59
    Hot Chocolate - $1.69
    Water - $2.00
    Tax - $1.15

    Total - $20.80

    It’s Tough to b a Bug next,

    I didn’t move out of the way in time and got stung in the back. We wondered over the Kali River Rapids again but there was a 40 mins wait so we headed out via some gift shops. I bought a four pin set, one of each park $11.72 and a Mickey plush $14.91. We got home around 15.00.

    After a rest and squashing as much stuff as possible into already full suitcases we headed back out to Wintersummerland for a final round of miniature golf. $22.90 for two adults with no discounts.

    We played the Winter course this time and…….. I won!!!!!! Gavin scored 54 and I trashed him with just 48! The winter course is a par 56 so we both did really well.

    Downtown Disney again for tea, this time at the Rainforest Café, There was some ridiculous waiting time but you could go away and come back 15 mins before so it wasn’t too bad. We spent our time shopping again. Still on the lookout for those missing cars! We bought a couple of gifts for Dan and Dominique who are checking on our house, a Dumbo soft toy $13.24 and a Mickey golf mug with a Mickey golf ball and a Tigger golf ball $18.30 I also picked up a couple of photo frames although I have no idea where I am going to pack them. $36.02

    Time for tea we headed back to Rainforest Café and waited about 20 mins to be seated. This meal, for me rated second worst of our trip. Our server was far too chatty, so much so that after several minutes of hearing about all the fish specials they had on tonight I had to interrupt and ask for a drink, the café was freezing cold and the food, at least my food was horrid. Chicken was very greasy and the ‘vegetable of the day’ was lettuce and raison salad (with Chicken and Mash?)

    Coke X2 - $5.58
    Chicken Strips - $8.99
    Bruschetta - $8.99
    Fried Chicken - $16.99
    RFC Burger - $9.99 (Bacon - $0.99 Cheese - $0.50 Fries - $1.49)
    Tax - $3.48

    Total - $57.00 plus tip

    W left here very under whelmed at 22.00 and on our way back to the car spotted a everything $5.00 or less shop round the back of Goofy’s Candy store, we had a look and bought a couple of things. It was mainly discontinued stuff like photo frames reduced from $12.00 to $4.99 but there were some stuff that was genuinely less than $5.00 all over WDW aswell.

    Back to Pop and bed at 23.00

    Mug Refills - 0
    Weather - A very nice and sunny 87 degrees

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    Part 17 Day 14 Thursday 12th October

    Up at 06.30 as I wanted to be first in queue at Free Time check in which I thought opened at 07.00 but it actually opened at 07.30 so we were there early but they let us in at 07.15 as they were ready.

    Last year our cases hadn’t been weighed when we did Free Time check in and even though I knew this would have been because of a technical hitch I had my fingers crossed the scales would be broken again, no such look we were jointly 16 kilos over. The check in lady asked if we had paid for double baggage allowance, which we hadn’t and told us the fee was $14.00 per kilo which was $224.00 or go to the Travel City Direct office over the road and pay $29.00 each to increase our baggage allowance.

    I refused to go to the Travel City Direct office as it didn’t open until 08.00 and I wanted to check in now. I said I was prepared to pay the fee at which Gavin went pale but my reasoning was I wanted to get to Epcot at opening or there was no point and any delay here was going to reduce the chances of that happening. I also offered to take some stuff out and buy a small carry on suitcase but Gavin said 16 Kilos was a lot of stuff. In the end the lady said she couldn’t take the $224.00 from us as we could only pay this by credit card and she couldn’t do that yet, unsure why. I refused to move so eventually she charged us $29.00 each in cash and let us go. I don’t care if she pocketed the money, we were checked in and on our way.

    First stop was McDonalds for breakfast.

    Sausage & Egg McMuffin meals X2 - $12.17
    Tax - $0.79

    Total - $12.96

    We got to Epcot at about 08.30 and waited in the boiling sun for 15 mins before they let people through the turnstiles then Gavin went to wait for rope drop and to get Fastpasses for Soarin’ while I went to the Camera Centre to buy our Photopass cd.

    Buying the cd took quite a while. The lady made me look at each photo individually even though I said I had looked at them all online. Also I had deleted loads from our online account, most that we didn’t want and three that were somebody else but all of these were still on the Photopass card and the lady didn’t know, nor did her colleague how to delete any unwanted. This wasn’t a massive problem as I was well below the 300 limit but had I had more than 300 taken I wouldn’t buy two cd’s when I didn’t want most of the photo’s anyway. It is a new system though so lot’s teething problems but our Photopass experience was overall very good. Cd was $106.45.

    I met Gavin at the fountain as arranged and we headed over to Test Track and rode it twice before our Soarin’ time came up. Before Soarin’ we grabbed another Fastpass to ride again, the park was fairly quiet today and the second Fastpass time was only an hour away.

    Our first ride on Soarin’ wasn’t a massive success. An American lady of around 50 took on her elderly father who clearly didn’t want to be there and sat him next to me. She yelled at him constantly throughout the ride (assume he was hard of hearing) ‘look dad a river’ ‘don’t worry dad, it’s just a movie screen’ ‘look dad it’s night’ and after that I couldn’t wait to get out of the theatre and I left our camera in the basket underneath. I went back to get it while Gavin got us a drink from Sunshine Seasons. When I went back to the exit a cm asked me what I wanted and I mentioned my camera was in the basket and…..she slammed the door in my face! I was fuming! I knew I wouldn’t be able to go in and get it but I did not for one second think a cm would actually slam a door in a guest’s face.

    While I was waiting for the ride to be over so I could rescue my precious camera and possible kick the rude cm in the shins another American lady started talking to me, asking me what Soarin’ was like etc. I explained it was wonderful but when she asked me to convince her kids, perhaps five and seven to ride I refused. I explained my last ride had been ruined by someone who had been forced to ride and I wasn’t going to encourage her kids to go on if they didn’t want to. I don’t think that was the answer she was looking for. I’m not sure if her kids did ride but when her husband and youngest child came out they had loved it so perhaps they convinced the other two kids. I grabbed my camera and ran, didn’t see the horrible cm so no kicking involved.

    Gavin said I was very nasty to the lady outside Soarin’ but I don’t care. My ride, and probably everyone’s as she was very loud, had been ruined by all the woman’s shouting so anybody who had waited 60 mins to ride should thank me those two kids weren’t forced on and screaming all the way through.

    After all of this we only had 20 mins until our next ride time was here so we just had time to drink our drinks before heading back.

    Hot Chocolate - $1.89
    Coke - $2.09
    Chips X2 - $3.29
    Tax - $0.48

    Total - $7.75

    Second ride was much better, nobody forced to ride and I remembered to remove all of my luggage from the under seat storage facility.

    Before we left we got another Fastpass as a souvenir.

    A quick browse around Mousegear where I bought a pin $7.41 then we headed out. It started to rain as we left the park.

    We had lunch at Wendy’s en-route to Sanford Airport but no receipt. It was a scary place though. Full of locals who looked very streetwise and the ladies loo had been flooded so having a pee was difficult.

    Arrived at Sanford at 14.00 we dropped the car off and went through security.

    We had several problems getting through security. First I had put away our boarding passes when I shouldn’t so got told to ‘stand still ma’am’ while my stuff came out the other side of the scanning machine and I could tell them where they were then I had liquid in my carryon, I knew this was allowed but you are supposed to tell them before they scan it, and it is supposed to be in a clear plastic bag. When my bag was searched she let me keep the little bottles of shampoo etc as they were in a plastic bag just not a clear one but she must have liked me because while we were then waiting for our laptop to be checked she wouldn’t let another lady take her lipstick through.

    Security took about half an hour so I am glad we were early and it was quiet or we would have been even longer.

    Straight to buy some magazines then into the guest house section. As soon as we were seated the display screen showed our flight delayed from 20.30 until 22.00. People who arrived at the airport later we told by the rep it was because of fog at Manchester which would prevent landing if we set of on time so the delay was tactical to try and stop us been diverted to Glasgow.

    The delay didn’t bother us, we were nice and comfy at the guest house and settled down to watch the second half of the England match.

    After a while we had some tea from the International Food Court

    Bacon Cheesburger $5.75
    Burger - $4.75
    Fries X2 - $5.50
    Tax - $1.12

    Total - $17.12

    Over the next few hours we watched tv, browsed the internet, read magazines and had our two free alcoholic drinks along with several non alcoholic ones and some cookies.

    We boarded around 21.15 and had an ok flight home. The fella alongside me spent the whole flight digging his elbow in my ribs causing me to yell in pain when he leaned against me to move as I was sleeping but I didn’t get an apology. I managed to get a lot of sleep on the way back but Gavin didn’t get any at all. Before sleeping I watched X-Men 3 and we both ate Chicken for tea/midnight snack. They showed Cars on the way back aswell but I was long gone by then.

    We landed at 11.00 and it was very traumatic! It was still very foggy in Manchester and we dropped the last 20 feet or so onto the runway and most of the Oxygen masks came down! Made everyone jump a bit.

    On the way to immigration I nipped to the loo and Gavin said the captain walked past telling the crew that it was the smallest window he could have landed in and had he not been able to manage it we would have been on our way to Glasgow.

    Luggage claim took forever but the courtesy bus for Bewleys came quickly. Gavin drove most of the way home then admitted he was shattered and we swopped. Home at 14.00 I let Gavin sleep until 16.30 while I unpacked then wake him up so he didn’t feel too bad tonight.

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    We had an amazing holiday, very special and memorable and not just because we got married.

    USF = Probably won't return for a while
    IOA = Love it, My favourite park after MK
    MK = I am always suprised how much I love this park
    AK = Enjoyed our time here but upset EE makes me ill
    MGM = Still just a day, but a good day to be had here
    Epcot = Rapidly become a firm fave, So much yet undone
    BG = Brilliant water rides
    SW = Not a must do but we enjoyed it
    TL = Fantasic
    BB = Great
    POP = Excellent but a bit chaotic
    HRH = Good but not worth the cost for us
    SUV = Brilliant, we still feel squashed in our Fiesta!

    Jodie. xx

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    great trip report!

    THANKS for all the pictures!!!

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    Just acknowledging this one and will come back to read it properly when I get a bit of spare time.

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