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Thread: Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney closed early

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    Reports from people at Disney today are indicating that the Virgin Megastore scheduled to close on May31st has closed early.

    Apparently plenty of stock could still be seen yesterday.

    Many people will miss this huge music, game, book and magazine store as well as the small cafe on the top floor

    Rumours about who will take it over are still all unsubstantiated and range from Apple closing their two stores in the Florida and Millenia malls to open a flagship store, to Microsoft/sony. Of course Disney could create a huge World of Disney store there but given they like to lease out the Downtown Disney space, this would seem unlikely.

    A late rumour suggested that it could be turned into a food hall of kind for some smaller food outlets.

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    Yes, they had loads of inventory left when we were last there (a couple of weeks ago now). Should have bought more. The prices weren't all that great though, for a place going out of business I mean.

    Plus, I was looking for a particular type of music and they didn't have any left. So, didn't buy but one CD!

    Will miss the place. DTD is truly becoming a ghost town for anything other than shopping and eating. And neither of those two activities are too interesting there.

    Remembering fondly the "old days" of Disney Village...

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    i agree Tink, at the risk of sounding like a heretic, how much Disney stuff can you possibly need? Some non- rodent merchandise would be great too!!

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    I will miss that store so much. I loved browsing and having a coffee. We all bought a lot too.


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    I have to admit to never visiting it, however, I do agree that DTD doesnt sound as fun as it once did...

    Not even nice Disney themed shops like the scrapbook and disney at home stores have survived

    I think we willonly visit because the Xmas shop is a MUST

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