Last night we had a bit of an 'incident' I ordered 2 rather exclusive cube thingies from a place in Hong Kong that do twisty puzzles that my 8 year old Thomas just loves

anyway they did a spcial one for easter called the golden egg

Its pretty big about the size of a pint glass and it moves very nicely along all the lines you can see so when it is scrambled ( ho ho ) it is not even vaguely egg shaped - it was a limited edition and as such noone has been able to put on the internet any solve tutorials or algorithms for him to learn so he has put it in pride of place amongst his other cubes just to look at as its special

Unfortunately last night as I was rading 'Order of the Phoenix' to him in bed he was playing wih it and it well - got very very scrambled.

He was hyper upset and in all honesty went a bit

I spent an hour online looking for help - joining cube message boards ( they do exist and WOW ) but noone could help and I ended up e-mailing the inventor last night to ask if he had any tips as Thomas was stumped.

Anyway we calm him down and off to sleep he goes.

Up this morning and I get an e-mail from the inventor saying why did we buy it for an 8 year old and in all honesty the only way he could think to help us was to tell us how to take the thing apart so we could rebuild it as the algorithms are too complicated frohim to explain by e-mail.

I go upstairs to tell the boy this....

and he'd solved it.