We're going on Saturday...

Was hoping to finish reading the Skywatcher trip report before then but, hey...

So, this trip came about after a nightmare couple of days spent at the outlaws just after Christmas when I ran out of things to read and they have no books in their house. Not having had a proper "notstayingwithrelatives" holiday for a couple of years was beginning to take its toll so we counted the pennies and decided to Carpe Diem a week somewhere over half term - just us - but more of that to come.

Found a nice looking group of bungalows suitably remote but a reasonably short drive from civilisation. The price was right and the dog could come at no extra cost. We were booked for the princely sum of 240 total.

Then the "just us" bit went out of the window. It appears MIL sulks if you don't spend part of your holiday visiting them. One day they get. Just one day. And only because while I'm there I'll set up #2 Secrets cache.

I've made a list. And started to accumulate things on the dining room table. I've let the boy's piano teacher know not to give him too much practise as we're not taking the piano with us.

I haven't selected the reading matter yet. I may raid the school library this week.

We've all had a haircut, including the dog.

I've printed off details of about 30 caches in the area and, ssshhh, don't tell Adrian, but there are 4 caches directly on our route down there. We'll leave Lancing and 20 minutes later I'll be screaming at him to stop at Arundel hospital to grab the cache.

I haven't bought new toothbrushes.

This country must be the only place where you go on holiday and have "wetsuit" next to "wellies" on your packing list.