So, I have had one hell of a day. Took Arthur to groomers at a local petshop. Picked him up and they said that he moved slightly while the groomer was dealing with his eye and they SCRATCHED his eye lid.

I may not have non-furry kids, but Arthur is my son and my heart and soul. I was instantly furious, but kept it underwraps. At the time it was pink but hard to see really. They said that if it didn't heal they would call a vet.

Anyway I took him home, was about to get in the shower when I noticed a blood tear!! I called vet and after talking I decided I could not not take him in.

Am currently home waiting...the results fromt the vets:
1. the groomer in reality SLICED his eye lid
2. needs a stitch or two (trying to keep on outer side of his eye lid as to not scratch his eye)
3. being placed under 'light' anthestic for this procedure
4. they are putting dye in his eye to make sure it wasn't damaged
5. Will have to go back to get the stitch(es) removed
6. Will have to wear cone for 7 days

That's the preliminary. Please send anything you have to help make sure nothing more is damaged and that he has no problems with the anthestic, and that he heals fine with no lasting problems.

Called groomers/pet store and talked to manager. While I was upset I knew that getting my information across was better than screaming at the manager. They will be paying for his vet bills.

It took all I had to keep it together at the vets when they took him away.