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Thread: is it true?

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    that mars will be very visible in the night sky in august? i got an email with a powerpoint display in it and it says it is but as i hadn't heard about it thought it may be duff!

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    I think it's fake Mars Close to Earth

    If it's the same as this one!
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    i thought i smelt a rat! thanks Kazza

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    Its weird but that has been circulating the internet for years and was actually one of the triggers for us to look into what you could actually see. its such a mean e-mail and presentation I don't understand why anyone would do something like that?

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    i got it too, i cant see how mars can EVER show as big as the moon its a 3yr journey away not a week

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    Yeah, and I get to put out the fires when every one gets the email! I get calls here at the planetarium all the time! Oye vay! No mas!

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    I get emails from mates and work collegues most weeks as well

    It is a shame but the idea of it would be just awesome

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    i got it to

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