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Thread: whats good about seaworld orlando?

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    hi we've got all our tickets for disney included in the package but we'd have to pay more for seaworld so i wonder if its worth it

    is it just an aquarium type of park or are there rides and things too? grateful for any opinions on whether its worth going to

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    We LOVE seaworld! There are 3 rides there now, we've yet to ride the new one but it looks very good.
    Its a more leisurely park i think, no rushing just strolling around looking at the animals. The killer whale show is fantastic and well worth seeing
    Have a look at the website and see what you think, we do seaworld a few times during our stay

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    We like it too and last time we were there you could buy a 2 day ticket for the price of one so we could go back again for free.

    It's a different feel to Disney but its really nice and relaxed. It can get very hot there though I dont know why but it feels hotter than disney parks

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    We love SeaWorld too
    Pigletpete, check out the video section of the forums, we have quite a few SW videos.

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    i like seaworld i find it a relaxing day no rushing around feeding times are fun and who can not love semour and clyde show

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    Even though it "lacks" in theming and rides (in my opinion) I think the shows are great!!!!

    And, as has been said, you can actually relax and just stroll and have a nice time...

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    I was going to ask the same question

    Are there lots of shows and things or is it just tanks with fish and penguins and things??

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    We love Seaworld... lot's to do, not just tanks of fish lol. Buy food to get in to the dolphin are to feed them.. well cool. You can also feed the manta's ooh and there is Kraken to ride and the water splash one.. Atlantis I think it's called. Lots to do, you have to see the Clyde and Seymour show and Pets Ahoy... all too cute... oh and don't forget to see the Shamu show.

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