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Thread: does universal just have rides?

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    hi me again and another question about a park. is universal all thrill rides roller coasters and things like that or does it have shows and things to do for smaller children like the disney parks?

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    The majority of the coasters are at Islands of Adventure, there is one at universal but i dont think thats been finished yet. Universal is a good park, how old are your children? My little girl was 2 when we took her there, she was more than happy wandering around looking at things. There is a Barney show and little park which she really did love. I think all parks have their own section catering for smaller children

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    oh the barney show is fantastic i showed my kids up no end at that

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveann, post: 136970
    oh the barney show is fantastic i showed my kids up no end at that
    You just have to dont you!!!
    Its actually a really nice little show, my daughter couldnt believe her little eyes, she still talks about him everyday and when she hears the music she talks about when he jumped out and everything!

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