Greetings from sunny Orlando

Arrived here yesterday after a lonnnng flight to wonderful weather and it's great to be back

Flight reservations were hairy, virgin made a load of changes, wrongly, to our reservation which meant we couldnt checkin online and even the airport checkin terminals didnt work. In the end we managed to get a decent upgrade so all's well that ends well but we got there so early that it made for a very long day!

We looked out for Dave and Liz who should have been on the same flight but didn't notice them.

The flight went well and a couple of good movies. Bride wars was funny hehe and Milk was an interesting watch. Food rubbish but we always take our own nowadays so no problem there.

This was our first experience of Disney Magical Express without the booklet or luggage tags since they no longer send these out to UK folks We debated carrying the bags aboard but just couldnt face it so we decided to try and get DME to collect them for us like they used to. It worked perfectly, much to my surprise! We just let them scan our luggage checkin bar codes and that was it, we were on our way. Luggage was delivered to the room whilst we were out. I'd be happy to do it again and relieved that the lack of DME booklet was no problem

We booked into Port Orleans French Quarter this time. Contemporary and AKL last time and Wilderness lodge hopefully in October so we felt like a change.

We'd already done Disneys online resort checkin and so when we arrived we headed straight to the online checkin pickup point where we received all the folders of welcome information as usual without any of the usual checkin stuff. It worked great and though it only saves a few minutes, I'd do it next time.

POFQ is as beautiful as ever. Quiet, homely, small and really pretty. We're in a room overlooking the river so we can see the boats to and from downtown disney. The food court seems to have more variety than some others although the shop isn't one of the largest I've seen.

We had reservations at the Liberty Tree Tavern last night for dinner so we had a nice walk to the bus and a shortish 10mins to the park. When we got there we discovered that the resort hadnt added our ultimate park hoppers to the room keys as they should have done. No matter, I had an annual pass anyway and DW had a spare 1 day card from a previous trip so we used those for now and we'll get the hoppers added (we only got them because they were part of a bundle deal)

Liberty tree tavern was great. I always enjoy the food there, it's somehow more normal and nice than all the burger options. This time it tasted even better than normal! Salad to start (yeuck) then beef, turkey, ham with stuffing, wonderful gravy, mac&cheese (yeuck), mash potato, beans and more. We kept the server busy given we hadn't eaten much on the flight and it was thoroughly enjoyed! Apple cobbler with honey ice cream (something like that anyway). This was our first time at LTT since they've removed the characters and to be honest we preferred it. We always felt a little interrupted when the characters kept coming round, nice the first time but then after the fourth time we felt a little ARGH so we felt it was a better dining experience this time around (there's a rumour the characters are coming back but our server was unable to confirm).

After that it was outside for the wishes fireworks. We have plans to watch it properly later in the holiday so this time we just lazed outside and ended up watching them from outside Mickey's philharmagic. Although you can't get the true story from there, you have to see it from main street in my opinion to see the full effect, we were amazed at how good it was from our location. The fireworks came from either side and totally lit up our view of the sky! We were absolutely immersed in fireworks and it was a great experience.

After that it was Extra Magic Hours till 1am at the magic kingdom so we did all the usuals, Haunted Mansion, buzz lightyear's ranger spin etc. before tiredly finding the bus back to our resort.

Off to the Florida Mall today I think and then the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue later this evening

Absolutely great to be here and even more special since I'm here during the Disney Secrets first birthday celebrations Happy Birthday forum

Wish you were all here, see you all soon