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    I would definitely take my time in Magic Kingdom, likely go there for two days.

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    how come MGM studio has changed it's name to hollywood studio

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToTMistress, post: 141540
    how come MGM studio has changed it's name to hollywood studio
    I was told that it was to do with a court case that Disney appeared to have lost about trying to have exclusive rights to the MGM Studio name.

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    Thank you. My sons enjoy slower, happier rides, but are becoming a little more adventerous. They can sit for the live shows.

    Quote Originally Posted by Taja, post: 140866

    Welcome to Disney Secrets!

    What should you do? Enjoy yourselve, of course!

    How tall are your sons? That's a factor in some of the things they can do.

    What do they enjoy doing? Do they like fast or thrill rides, or are they happier with a slower paced ride? Do they have favourite Disney characters? Can they sit still 20 minutes or so for a live show? There is so much to do at WDW and everyone is different!

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