ok by popular demand, in association with Britchick who had the idea, we present the first forum photo challenge.

Really want to keep this a friendly little way to get us all out taking photos with whatever cameras we have! So I'm keeping it short on rules but am open to suggestions to make it better as we go along

1. Make sure to post your photos in the correct weeks thread
2. photos must be your own
3. photo size must be 800x600 or less
4. you can post several photos if you like :) we may have to limit the numbers in the future but for now, dont worry about posting a few
5. remember that we're all friends and likes/dislikes are very subjective so let's keep the comments friendly

A bit about editing:-
This is designed to be a photo challenge rather than a photo editing challenge BUT since almost every DSLR shot requires SOME editing these days, even if only to sharpen, simple editing, even some creative filters are fine :) Just please no unnatural things that wouldnt be in the photo