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Thread: Disney Online Dining Reservation (ADR) system now available!

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    The long awaited and often rumoured system for making Disney Dining Reservations online over the Internet is now online

    UK visitors still get bounced to the UK site so may have to click the "visit US site" link on the top left handside of the webpage to be able to see the booking system. ( may work better for UK folks )

    Once there, guests see the Disney restaurants including special events and dinner shows available to book.

    At this time, anyone seems to be able to book anything and the system does not seem to force people to put in a reservation. This means anyone can seemingly make as many reservations as they please including the multiple reservations at the same date & time which has long been a Disney problem.

    The system seems somewhat flakey at the moment, returning 404 not found pages whilst working fine other times. Reports also indicate that when the online system says no availability, phoning the dining line indicates plenty of room.

    It is as yet unclear if Disney will tie down the ability to make reservations to ensure that people don't tie up availability by booking many different restaurants at the same time.

    The system has the usual Disney 90 days or less in advance booking restriction (90 days + 10 if a Disney resort guest)

    After completing your reservations, you can review them easily, print them out and even cancel ones you don't need.

    Although nice looking, the system starts to feel slow in actual use and it's too early to see how well it will do under load. There is a lot of clicking around needed to book a couple of weeks worth of restaurants as well.

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    Just had a play.

    Told me sorry no availability at Crystal Palace for my random date and time but offered me Chef Mickeys or Whispering Canyon as alternatives.

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    Is there any way to link reservations we've already made into it so theyre all together in one place?

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    It seems really good but I oculdn't fathom how to to the ADr +10 days. I have read elsewhere that this is not available. I'm hoping you can still call and will try on Saturday as want to do my first 10 days.

    I like the way it gives you alternatives if first choice not available. Having a play last night it seems impossible to get a dinner ressie at Le Cellier in September

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    It is my understanding that the +10 option is not available, at least not yet, in the online system.

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    The 90 + 10 is hit or miss. I was able to do it for myself and a client. Other TA's have reported they couldn't do it at all.

    I could not get any availability online for Le Cellier. I still had to call about that one.

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    johnie i have booked le cellier for the 29th july with the online booking so it must be hit and miss also

    i tried to do a fantasmic package but it wont allow me

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    Im finding it EXTRA slow...

    Havent even been able to find the places I want... hahaha, I know, Im dumb, hahahaha

    But Im just playing with it, Johnie did a PERFECT job for our Sept. trip We are very excited about getting everything we wanted!

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    Once you are logged in as a registered user and on the dining page - how do you begin to book a reservation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ofUs, post: 142042
    Once you are logged in as a registered user and on the dining page - how do you begin to book a reservation?
    Each of the listed restaurants where you can make ADR's will have a "Book a Reservation" button under the restaurant listing. Click on that and it will take you the "reservation system" page for that restaurant.

    Before you continue, if you have a resort reservation, be sure to tie your dining reservations to your resort reservation by clicking on the "retrieve your reservation" link in the section titled "Login or Register".
    Now you can choose the date, time, and number of people in your party. Once you've done that, click on the "Check Availability" button.

    This will give you a page where you can choose either a) the closest available time to your request at that restaurant or b) alternate restaurant possibilities for that same general time frame. Or you can modify your search request.

    Fill in the "Security Check" box with the indicated words and click the "Add to Cart" button.

    You can add numerous ADR's to your cart and then "check out" all at once.

    Hope this helps!

    Tom (... who managed to successfully navigate the online ADR system!)

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