Today, Tuesday 21st April....

Holiday Airline
Model agency scouts scrutinise the queues at the airport in search of the new face of the 21st century, but crestfallen expressions at Manchester tell a sorry tale as a family turns up 24 hours late for a holiday of a lifetime. Nick and Gemma get to grips with their new jobs, while cabin crew old hands Victoria Perry and Bradley Coomer head for shopping and swimming in Orlando SUB
Today at 16:30 on Sky Travel Extra

Hunter Hunted
Predators in Paradise : Residents of a Florida island reveal how they are frightened of going outside since hungry alligators started gathering in the waterways
Tomorrow at 00:00 on Nat Geo Wild

A Place in the Sun
Miami : British house-hunters Ric and Nita Halstead, who are seeking a dream home in Miami, receive expert advice before buying, viewing an art deco house, a Mediterranean-style villa and a Florida ranch. Presented by Amanda Lamb
Tomorrow at 02:00 on Discovery Travel & Living

A Place in the Sun
Sun Coast : British couple Dave and Sue Lewington weigh up their options as they trawl Florida's Sun Coast from Tampa to Sarasota, in search of a home for less than 120,000 SUB
Tomorrow at 08:30 on Discovery Travel & Living