Today, Wednesday 18th May....

Swamp Men
Swamp Men, Episode 7: Gator Breakout: Documentary series. Staff at the Billie Swamp Safari in the Everglades discover a breach in their security when a four-foot alligator escapes from 'Alcatraz', a part of the park that houses the most dangerous alligators in Florida. HD
Today at 08:00 on Nat Geo Wild HD and Today at 08:00 on Nat Geo Wild

Food Network Challenge
Villain Cakes: Energetic culinary series in which cooks, chefs and bakers have their skills judged when they compete for a prize. In Disney World, the chefs compete to create the best cakes inspired by Disney villains.
Tomorrow at 00:00 on Food Network

Sunrise Earth
Sunrise Earth, Episode 8: Tropical Palms: Series capturing the drama and beauty of daybreak. Crystal River, one of the richest estuaries on the planet, is located in Florida. The sunrise and its impact can be seen from an island. HD
Tomorrow at 06:00 on Discovery HD