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Thread: CLEAR is out of business

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    Well, I woke this morning to the headlines in the newspaper that the airport security that I have purchased to belong to, named CLEAR is no longer in business. All CLEAR lanes (expedited security passage) have closed. Period.

    So, leaving MCO was fine with CLEAR. I did notice that the workers were almost giddy with pleasantness, and that wasn't always the case. I did wonder if they'd been retrained.

    The concept was nice (frequent travelers paying for the ability to move faster through security) but the reality was not. There really wasn't much to the service other than jumping ahead in line and that always made for grumbles from others who didn't understand what was going on.

    I'm not too distressed about it because my year's membership was nearly up, and I probably wasn't going to renew (as membership had gone from $128 to $199 anyway) but I won't say no to any small refund they may provide.

    So, back to the long lines for me!

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    its great when there is only a short queue isnt it sorry your gonna have to wait inline from now on

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    It does seem like a good idea, especially for frequent travellers in busy airports...

    sorry you'll have to go back to long lines again!

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    oh no, what a nuisance!

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