Personally, I would appreciate an employee telling me that s/he was too distraught to work for any reason. Would I "understand" that the reason was the death of a celebrity? Probably not. :(

I'm wondering if she's had a report from someone at the office that you were unable to work, and were crying in the room all day? Perhaps, she is using that as a reason to not pay you?

I too would ask to speak with her privately. I'd state right up front that I realized that it's hard for anyone else to understand, but the loss of Michael Jackson has hit you harder than you thought possible. I'd assure her that you were doing your level best to get your emotions under control and would be to work when she expected you to be there (and able to work).

It's hard stuff, this working world. Never forget (no matter how much you like your supervisor or workplace) that it really all is based on performance and what you do for the "company."

Take care now and good luck with patching things up with your manager.