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Thread: How much do you plan?

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    maybe its a silly thing to ask but how much do you plan for disney?

    I do enjoy the planning but its getting so hard now with dining adrs and dining plans and not being able to just walk up

    it's like every single detail has to be planned for three months out!

    So how much do yo uplan? do you know which park for which day? which restaurants and so on?

    HOW do you plan? do you just jot things down, have a spreadsheet or something else?

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    It sure has become difficult with the whole ADR issue, hasn't it?!

    I actually don't eat at many of sit down restaurants (usually just food courts), so when I do plan an ADR for those, I go to that park (if it's in a park). I love Chef Mickeys so when I plan for there, I plan for MK that day.

    I usually plan my park days around which has EMH (as I usually visit during busy times), how many days I want for that park, etc.

    All that being said, I am totally willing to change things up if the desire presents itself.

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    My DH would say I'm a compulsive planner!!I do usually plan our days around EMH/ evening but if something upsets the apple-cart so to speak we just roll with it! We do plan our meals in advance, that's part of the fun for me. We each get to pick 2 places for TS and fill in the rest! This time with free dining, we just gave a list to our TA and had her get whatever she could and it worked out lovely! ( See, I'm not that much of a control freak!)

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    I am a compulsive planner, I know where we will go each day and where we will eat most of those days as well, with ADR's booked for most days.

    I start with Day 1 and the last day which is always MK then look at things like Fantastmic showings and EMH's and work from there. DH does it all on a spreadsheet but I like to write out a chart with pretty colours so I copy it all out for me

    I don't plan what we are doing in each park though but as we are lucky enough to spend a lot of time in each park I know we will get everything done.


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    We get pretty detailed on our planning. We do a daily itinerary with times, parks, food, etc. We just like to make sure we don't miss anything that we want to do on each visit.

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    all we do is plan where we want to go as we just go as and when we fancy to wherever i couldnt be restricted to certain parks on certain days, be here for one thing and there for another. we always get to do/see all we want which is pretty much regimental for me tbh

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    Im not really a planner...

    on past trips we have done a total of 3 adrs hahaha...

    however this trip, between taking a toddler and free dining, we did make about 10 adrs....

    I really do enjoy just standing at the bus stop and getting on whichever bus gets there first.... hahahaha... but we wont be doing much of that this trip, since, as I said, free dining just made us have to book more adr's, and also, taking a toddler we are more concerned about not changing to much her routine...

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