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Thread: Worse WDW Trip Ever

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    I'm going to repeat a phrase that Johnie used from one of my favorite movies Gone With The Wind where Scarlett O Hara says * After All Tomorrow Is Just A Nother Day * .
    I just got off the phone with customer relations at Air Tran and explained my situation . Her name was Kameelah and obviously a Christian woman . She had me in tears as she said ... Sweetie , most times the devil tries to take things from us that we truly enjoy doing . He does not like to see us Happy and blocks our path from the joy and gifts that God gives to us . He resents us being joyful & happy . She truly had me in tears . She credited back my account $90.00 and she said, you go back to WDW some day, when you are ready . You do not let Satan win .
    She really made light of this sad situation and I know a lot of you don't believe . But I truly do !!! There is a greater power out there . And this proved it !
    Cindy was the devil in sheeps clothing & Kameelah and my highlights were my Angels of Mercy . Thank God for giving me my Disney Love back through this angel .

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    I'm glad to see that AirTran made it right.

    Now go see about Disney.

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    Oh my Lord Tinker! I dont know what to say. What an awful experience from beginning to end. Please please dont tell me it gets worse!
    Just discovered a second part to your report, so off to read that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 144743

    Why on earth was that woman holding on to your wallet?
    Because she was a controlling witch . That tried treating me the same way she treats her grandson .
    I found out from Christian that he is not 9, but 11 and soon to be 12 . She fraudulently has an AP for him as him being 9 and paid for the kids dining plan and the whole time , he ate off the adult menu , just smaller portions . As she told the CM he liked nothing on the kids menu .
    And he was a bed wetter . I can see why, poor thing !!! I told her to contact housekeeping, she never did . It was smelling like urine in our room and not to be spiteful, but I reported it as I didn't want it charged to my account on file . I hope she gets charged . Does that sound terrible !!!
    Want to hear some highlights !!!

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    I have read it all and I dont think I have ever read anything quite like it. I am so so sorry your trip was ruined. Im sure it all seems like a very bad dream.

    Margaret x

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    You mean there WERE highlights????????? I am so so sorry such a sweet person like you was treated so so badly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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    Thank You , Helly !
    Yes, the highlights were the pin event where I completely igmored the wicked witch . My friend Robbie was there that Jim & I did the cruise with his mother and he . My two friends GiGi & Dee from Miami . Their friends Carlos & Sherri and George with his daughter Angie . George/ Angie has just loss their wife/mother to cancer and swore they'd never return to WDW . But their they were . And my dear friend Jerry from Michigan . His wife Ellen came Saturday .
    We had fun pin trading all day .
    Cindy had not brought anything special to trade with and would not buy anything from the event to help her gain anything special . She had a real attitude problem all day that Dee & GiGi picked up on . They flatly told her to lay off me !!! Dee seems the type that would have laid her out . LOL
    Robbie, GiGi & Dee , Jerry, Cindy, Christian and I had dinner at Teppen Edo . We had a very talented chef and a fabulous dinner . I was overwhelmed with warmth, love and gifts . Some very special Tinkerbell pins ... very low editions .
    Would you believe she put Dee & GiGi down to me for loving one another . I told her ... Don't Even Go There !!! Who Are You To Be Judge & Jury ! I happen to LoVe Them Both ! I feel as if it was a jealousy thing .
    Saturday , was an ok day . Cindy was a miserable witch at the pin event again and I ignored her attitude as much as I could . We ate at The Beach Club and I do admit the clambake was not up to the standards I had recalled . I made Robbie come with us . Pleae, Rob, Please . I can't be alone with her . He said, oooooo, alright !!! LOL
    Cindy had parked at Boardwalk . I told her the car was in the left parking area , but Miss no it all , said it was to the right .
    I called & called her on the cell phone to tell her I'd found the car and she didn't answer. I watched Illuminations from the parking lot . We were suppose to meet Think Tink and daughters for drinks and the pool , but never made it . I called Brigitte and apologized . I swear, I now think it was done purposely .
    Once she finally called back, I asked where she was and she said, the corner she had left me at . She ended up hanging up on me after saying something to the effect thats just great , Thanks . I thought, oh boy, here we go . Another bi polar episode and wow was I right . She cursed me out claiming she never heard me say that I was going to the left to find the car and went on to say that the security guard at the Boardwalk gate was rude to her . She spun that car around in the parking lot on two wheels back to the security gate and proceeded to curse out the guard . I sunk down in my seat and covered my face . Embarassed !!!
    Got his name and turned him in . She got the managers number from the guard at Pop Century . I hope he still has his job . The poor guy !!!
    In the meantime GiGi called and said I forgot to tell you I have ADR's for 10 of us at Spoodles for breakfast . I said, I will be there . I told Cindy I was going WITHOUT her as she didn't like my friends anyway . Her response was Fine !!! I got my wake up call at 6:45 AM and set off by myself . Actually happy & breathing normally for the first time . Taking in the beauty of the boardwalk and surrounding resorts . I enjoyed breakfast and even had two breakfast drinks . Memoso ? Champagne & OJ . Yum !!!
    I thought I'd have a much needed relaxing day with friends until ... she called and said, I'm in Epcot, be there in a little while . The rest I told you . When I was telling her off she told me I was jealous and a rotten spoiled brat . And the only reason Y, she was still there was that Christian was having a good time . I said, yes, for the first time the whole trip that she didn't control him b/c she was putting on an act for Brigitte . She told me to Keep It Up . I said, Nah, Your Not Worth It and walked off after excusing myself to Brigitte & Girls . She even was telling her girls what to do at first and I told her teeth clenched to STOP IT !!! They are not Christian . Just sorry it took me so long too tell her where to go .

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    Oh my goodness, I don't even know what to say! What a nightmare! I'm so sorry that you had such an awful experience everything!

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    But you did get to see Chef Kim and he gave you a hug! He acts so tough but he's a big ol softie lol.

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    Sounds like the majority of the problem was this Cindy person. Disney does have its issues (and more so lately) but she takes the cake, that one. What a terrible time for you.

    We were just at Cape May not too long ago, the last SWW. It was great! Wish it had been the same for you.

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