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Also, the AAA (I think AA in the UK?) has reduced rates too. Those reductions won't be as much as the AP rates, but it's still something off.
this is a good one! AP rates though deeper, have become much rarer than they were

Some travel agents won't know, but the AA card in the UK is fine for the AAA discount on rooms and this discount is MUCH easier to get and becomes available MUCH sooner than AP rates! so you can get an AA discount and then if you catch wind of a better discount, you can just apply it instead of the AA as long as there's availability.

The other discounts recently have been the so called "bounce-back" offers. These are special cards in your disney resort room which will offer you special rates if you call before you leave! they're very specific about that, you MUST call before your holiday ends but you can get great discounts from that 30 or 40% even!

There's also the free dining plan offered for the last few years around September time which can work out really great but no guarantee that's going to be made available every year.