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Thread: Those Disney Holiday "must-buys"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 5033
    macbook air!!! :p015:
    now you're talking

    i buy french vannilla creamers
    old bay seasoning
    clothes for all the family
    christmas ornament from disney
    scrapbooking stuff

    i could go on

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    In the red...
    Christmas ornament
    Jeans that are long enough for us tall people
    Trainers and trainer socks

    Loads of pointless stuff from Disney that we simply cannot live without and then we get home and wonder what the heck we were thinking. :rofl:

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    It used to be Carters children's clothes but I think mine will be too big for them when we go back. Also bargains from Oilily at The Mall of Millennia will be on my list. Apart from that probably Bath and Bodyworks stuff.

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    My best subject shopping

    Christmas baubels
    Chocolate pretzles
    Yankee candles
    Victoria secret smellies
    Justice for girls (for dd)
    Surf wear much cheaper than home here.

    I could go on and on

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    err everything

    I always spend a fortune in the christmas shop and I love getting stuff personalised in there.

    Photo frames, albums, kitchen stuff ...

    Scrapbooking stuff.

    Groceries like Stove Top Stuffing and Jello pudding mix (all the really healthy stuff that I wouldn't dream of buying at home )


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    Gads....I think I've gotten to a point that I try NOT to buy stuff when we go to WDW.
    Especially since I used to work for TDS and there went MY paycheck!

    I do love to get the Disney Home stuff...
    kitchen ware and utensils
    mugs mugs mugs
    and of course the ever popular pins.

    I have enough tshirts to start my own Disney shirt store.
    People who say money doesn't buy happiness...don't know where to shop!

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    I always think i've only bought what I need but of course when you get home you leave it in a cupboard for three years then chuck!

    I always buy photo frames and will get a few more of these, a mug or two, A few magnets but other than that hopefully nothing 'cos it takes up too much room on the way home!


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    Ride photos! They are always good to keep special memories ect.
    Last time I went MAD for pins but now they don't really interest me. I have a rather cool buzz and Woody pin from 1995, though!

    I'm shocked, I never got ANY disney t-shirts!!
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