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Thread: silly fast pass questions

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    ok, how do they work?

    we've always just waited because we didnt like the idea of having to be back at a ride at a certain time, but I've read that isnt the case? so if we get a fastpass for 1-2 we dont have to be back there in that time? we can use it any time later or not?

    How do you get them anyway and can you use a fastpass from tuesday on wednesday?

    and how come people dont just keep a stack of them for every ride?

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    Youa re given a time slot (1 hour) to be back at the ride and from the start of that time you can obtain anothe fast track ticket elsewhere
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    You need to use them within the printed time frame. Disney has made a real effort to enforce that, so the casual approach to the times have started to come to an end.

    You cannot stockpile Fast Passes. Each one that you obtain will tell you when you can obtain another (second) one. You must have the first Fast Pass for a certain period of time before you can obtain a second one.

    You cannot use them between days, of course. That goes along with the time frame.

    Fast Passes are useful for those attractions that are very popular and that have a long line (you determine if you are willing to stand on line instead of obtaining a fast pass).

    We like them for those brutally hot days, the extremely busy days and the very popular attractions.

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    Fast passes are a great invention, especially for the newer rides. Its just a shame that its an hour between getting one and then another for a different attraction. We always utilise them as much as possible

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