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Did you know that your gall bladder is an un-needed organ much like your appendix? You can live a perfectly normal life without it. Did you also know that most people have a certain amount of gallstones by the time they die but have gone their entire life without any affects?
Yes this diet does raise more awareness of gallstone (and the problems they can cause) but the stones themselves are actually caused by the high fat diet the dieter was on before not because they are on the diet.
I had my gallbladder removed last year due to gallstones caused by the diet I used to be on (doctors words). I had 2 weeks off my diet when I went to WDW last year and it was the food I ate there that triggered the side affects because my body was now used to living on a very low fat diet it reacted when I had high fat again. This was not the fault of the low calorie diet this was the fault of the high fat diet I used to be on, the low calorie diet had just brought to light what I had been doing to myself for years.
I also watched that programme by the way and the doctor did say when someone has a lot of weight to lose (I had 8 stone to start with) they are great as they are more healthy for that person than staying the weight they currently are.
The lady was off work for 3 months afterwards after the operation.
What the doctor actually said was that it is a hard job to decide whether someone should be on the liquid diet as it is a case of risking it with regards to their health, or letting them stay the weight they are and possibly developing other problems.

I mean, it's great that it's been a success for you, but you don't know how anyone is going to react to them. Apart from the health risks, I would be SO bored eating milkshakes and bars all day.