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Thread: stay on disney or offsite?

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    I wondered how many have swapped from staying at disney to staying in a villa or offiste hotel

    the villas can be the same price as a room and they look so much nicer but I wonder if I'd miss disney too much

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    what about doing half and half then- we like to do that

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    I stayed off site last visit and we were miserable. It would have been different if we had had a car with us, I'm sure. I was sad to miss the extra magic hours and honestly the dining plan is nice because of food being prepaid for and then there are no checking the menu prices other than for leaving a tip. Having packages delivered to resort is mighty nice too. Oh and the idea that we can go back easily to resort for rest is appealing. I guess my answer would be onsite...that said, it sure would be hard to resist a villa off site, away from the hustle and bustle of screaming parents and crying children (at least that was the experience last time, the parents were worse than the children - at least the children have the reason of still trying to learn society's norms). I regress, sorry, hope the answer made sense in the long run

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    A lot of people do 1 week villa one week onsite, all depends on finances, how many people etc etc. If disney are doing FOC DDP it is great but it can be expensive if they do not offer it. At present they are offering moderate hotels with free DDP right though to November 2010. But only the quick service meals you can upgrade though for a small amount
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