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Thread: is Cinderellas royal table hard to book for lunch or dinner?

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    Hiya we'd like to try CRT at the magic kingdom but not interested in breakfast which I understood was the hottest ticket in Disney. So is it easy to get in for lunch or dinner or is it just as difficult?

    Also are the princesses still in the dining room or as I heard below in the castle and how does that work if so?

    thank you

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    you do have to try to book it 90 days in advance

    From what I remember

    Lunch: princesses

    Dinner: Cinderella characters, you even get greeted by the Fairy Godmother in the entrance

    BTW if you are flexible on time slots, it might be easier, especially if you pick the latest lunch or earliest dinner slot

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    I have heard that it's quite a frantic process booking it... apparently you have to have it on speed dial cos it's constantly engaged and then when you do eventually get through you just have to yell "Cindy's what you got for ...dates... "... or something like that... don't even bother saying the whole Cinderella's Royal Table stuff cos by the time you've said all that the tables are going.... (If I have it wrong please remove post Mods X) The staff won't be shocked by this approach they are used to it lol, they know it's the only way to get a much coveted table.

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