Alright Im gonna start this forum out correctly!!!

Anyone else going during Free Dining?

Anyone else going to be there the same time as me?

Anyone else know who Delswife is?

Anyone else wanna at least meet "brother"?

My ADRs are as follows:

Sept 10:
LTT 11:30am
Ohana 8:25pm

Sept 11:
50s Prime Time 11am
H&V Fantasmic Dinner 5:20pm

Sept 12:
Teppan Edo 1pm
Marrakesh 7pm

Sept 13:
Whispering Canyon 2pm
Raglan Road 8pm

Sept 14:
Afternoon Tea @ GF 2:10pm

Sept 15:
Le Chef De France 2pm

And with me seriously going this time I would REALLY like to meet up with some of you! Who knows the next time Ill be out that way! Its been 10 years inbetween trips!

For those of you who are just now getting to know me, dont judge the name, Im really harmless!!