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Thread: Rose and crown any good?

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    Is the rose and crown pub in the UK bit of EPCOT any good? I heard it used to be the place to go but Ive read some less than good reviews recently

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    We had a lovely meal in there when we first visited Epcot back in 1996, but I have heard some bad reports about the meals not being up to standard now.

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    We were last there in January and both of our meals were good. We both had the leek & potato soup which was very good, then we both went for the cod & chips. We had empty plates when we were finished and that is a very good compliment coming from me!

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    hmmm not so good last time we went I'm afraid lousy service and poor food

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    Didn't enjoy our last meal there although service was great. Prefer the carry out fish and chips booth by the side of the Rose & Crown

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    Haven't had a proper meal there in some time (although the last times we did, all was quite good) but did have a Scotch Egg during the celebrations of the first weekend in June.

    It was ok. Pub food, eh? Not meant to be glorious gourmet.

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    The first time we ate there (several years ago) I had the most wonderful dish of wild mushrooms. It was awesome! Then the next time we went back, I was SO disappointed that it wasn't on the menu. I was really looking forward to it. My food was good. Just nothing to write home about.
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    havent been there in a few years, but when we went we had a delicious meal

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    They used to have a great lamb dish on the menu with Guinness BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes (om nom nom!) Don't know what happened to it, though. Last time I ate there (April '09) it had disappeared! Went for the fish/chips instead. Pretty dang good, although I think fish/chips is less expensive if you purchase at the walk-up counter.
    At this point in the day, I've usually had too many drinks from around the world to really care what I eat, though.
    The bread and butter they give you is delicious! I've never had a bad server.
    In the pub, the bartenders are super-fast and friendly (Hi, EDDIE!) and the piano player is fabulous. Brilliant atmosphere created in ther for us Americans that don't know better.

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    Hmmm, ate at the Rose & Crown in 2007, and I remember it as being home-y comfort food. Everyone in my party (4 adults/3 kids) ate well and without complaint. The service was very good; our waiter was a friendly young man whose term of service at WDW was going to end in just a few days. He told us stories of his hometown (Kent) and was attentive to us throughout our meal. Was it toe-curling food that made our jaws drop as the plates were presented? Nah, but it was tasty, filling, and satisfied 7 different palates (no small feat)! I'd eat there again, even if it wasn't the most memorable meal I've ever eaten in the World. That honor goes to Victoria & Albert's.
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