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Thread: Rumours about WDW ticket price increases

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    Strong rumours around the Internet that Walt Disney World Ticket prices will be going up (again) on August 2nd 2009.

    In the past these rumours have proven accurate so now may be the time to purchase your tickets for any upcoming trips to lock in the price. Remember that Magic Your Way tickets don't expire until 13 days after you use them first so you can buy them and save them until needed.

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    Hi I have not heard anything but we do have some great prices for them at the moment at 219 for 14 day adult ultimate ticket for 2009 and 2010 221 adult for 2010

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    wow.. again???

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    Would the price increase include annual passes?

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    Does anybody know how much a 2 day hopper would be?

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    I'm curious on annual passes too (planning on picking mine up August 4th)

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    I so wish they'd go back to the old way , where hopper and expiration were included and not add ons .

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    I'm not positive Siobhan, but I think they've done away with two day park hoppers. I know when we tried to get one for our Seth, we couldn't. We could get a one day hopper, or a three (or more day) but not the two day.

    Now, that may be because we were trying to get a Florida Resident two day hopper, or it could be that two days are truly gone.

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    Meant to add, usually ticket price increases encompass all versions of the tickets, so that would include an increase for APs. Not positive though, so don't quote me until it can be confirmed by someone who knows for certain. I'm just going on 'what usually is/has been.'

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    Don't they know theirs a credit crunch on at the moment.

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