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Thread: Official NTSB report on Monorail Accident

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    Very sad but also interesting to see that purple had apparently tried to reverse

    ************************************************** **********
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    National Transportation Safety Board
    Washington, DC 20594
    July 8, 2009
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    ************************************************** **********
    The National Transportation Safety Board has developed the
    following factual information from its investigation of the
    collision of two trains on the monorail system at Walt
    Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, that occurred
    early Sunday morning:
    At about 2 a.m. on July 5th, a Walt Disney World monorail
    train, designated the Pink train, backed into another
    monorail train, designated the Purple train, near the Ticket
    and Transportation Center (TTC) monorail station. The
    operator of the Purple train was fatally injured; the six
    passengers on that train were treated at the scene. The
    operator of the Pink train, who was transported to the
    hospital, treated and released, was the only one aboard that
    train at the time of the collision.
    Prior to the accident, the Pink train had been instructed to
    detrain all passengers at the TTC station and then to
    operate without passengers past the station and a switch to
    a point where the train could be backed through the track
    switch from the Epcot loop over to the Magic Kingdom loop.
    The operator of the Pink train moved the train past the
    track switch and stopped.
    The Pink train was then instructed to back through the track
    switch, towards the Magic Kingdom loop. At about the same
    time, the Purple train, which was inbound to the TTC
    station, was instructed to stop at the station to detrain
    passengers. For undetermined reasons that are currently
    under investigaton, the switch had not changed position
    needed to allow the Pink train to be routed to the Magic
    Kingdom loop, which resulted in the Pink train backing down
    the same track it had just come from, putting it on a
    collision course with the Purple train. The Pink train
    passed through the TTC station and struck the Purple train
    while it was outside the station.
    There are indications that the operator of the Purple train
    had brought the train to a stop and had attempted to put the
    train in reverse prior to the collision. To this point in
    the investigation, no anomalies or malfunctions have been
    found with the automatic train stop system or with any
    mechanical components of the switch or with either of the
    The on-scene phase of the investigation is expected to
    continue for several days.
    The parties to the investigation are Walt Disney World, the
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Orange
    County Sherriff's Office, and the Transportation and
    Communications International Union.

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    This is just so sad. It appears that the poor driver of the purple train saw the pink train coming.

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    A very sad accident!

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