here i go again! We have a budget of around 600 for a new PC.

It needs to be able to:

hold tons and tons and tons and tons of photos,
be good for the boys to watch videos on You Tube and such like,
be good for games,
be wireless ready,
be able to hold even more tons of downloads
be happy to hold all my crafting CD's with all their graphics,
be quick!
not sure what else at the moment!

does anybody have any ideas of an 'off the shelf' pc that would be suitable for all those things?

could probably do with a new laptop as well as this one's on it's way out i think so maybe wherever i buy the pc from would be willing to do a deal...worth a try, in which case does anyone have any recommendations for a lappy as well?

thank you for any help and advice you can give me, i used to know what i was looking for but i have absolutely no idea these days! :tongue: