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Thread: Fairfx cards

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    Thinking of trying this. Does anyone know if the rate they advertise is the rate you will get regardless of the amount you transfer onto the card at any one time or if there is a lower rate for smaller amounts?

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    I dont know the answer but I know loads of people have said the card is really good value and easy to use

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    It doesn't matter how much you load onto it, you get the exchange rate stated. We used ours last year and found it fabulous.

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    A lot of people use them and they are a good alternative to carrying travellers cheques and using your card as you don't get stung for using it

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    We have one this year and you get the rate at what it is on the day you exchange. I like it for the bank transfer as you can then keep an eye on the rate and buy when its good. I am taking a mixture of fairfx card, dollars and travellers cheques.

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    Love the loadable visa cards for my Disney vacations. We can really budget this way.

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    we have got one for our trip this time as neither of us have a credit card its a handy alternative hope it goes well and is accepted a widely as they claim

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