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Thread: Jedi trippie - part 21

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    Ferry confusing

    Thatís the thing with characters. You donít see any for ages then 4 all come along at once. All of a sudden there was burst of activity on our side of the restaurant and there they all were headed our way. As they gradually got closer to our tables we kept an eye on Harry but there was no need to worry. As each character came to his table he walked up, gave them a hug, posed with them for a photo, then always had a little chat with them before letting them go. This would always be the way from now on; no character could Harry walk away from without some sort of conversation with them.

    Steven was fine with the characters too. In fact when Pooh came along and slammed a pot of honey on the table, Steven looked at him as if to say,Ē can I help you?Ē All of the characters played a little with Steven and let him grab various paws, ears, and noses, before crouching down for pictures.

    Ellie was about to burst by now because Piglet was the last one to arrive at our tables. He arrives eventually and gets big hugs from everyone.

    Right, characters have been and gone so at last we can check out the desserts. The grown-ups go up one or two at a time so the children are not left alone. Problem with that was, each time a different person went up, they came back with a new dessert the others hadnít seen, so they had to go back for more dessert. We ate an awful lot of dessert between us on that night: a big cheer goes up from all of us to the banana and Baileys bread pudding.:bravo1: Also Steven ate a whole bowl of soft serve ice cream.

    At some point during dessert we heard a bit of a commotion going on outside and peered through the windows to see that Wishes had started. Spectromagic chugged past a little while back but we were all too busy inside to worry about that. Steven was particularly fascinated with this firework stuff so Adrian held him up to the window and they watched it together.

    Dinner was over for us at around the same time that the park closed so we made a slow exit down Main St, through the Emporium, in the restroom, and eventually out of the exit. Mickey was waving goodbye to everyone from the railway station. We head toward the ferry landing, knowing it would be a cold trip but the line for the monorail snaked all the way back down the ramp and we just couldnít be bothered with it. So, when you approach the ferry boarding area they have this tiny sign telling strollers and wheelchairs to keep to the left. The small percentage of people that saw that sign got into the roped off channel that was so narrow the rest of our group got about 4 miles ahead of us in their big wide channel. Then, as the turnstile beckoned, there was a sign overhead telling strollers/wheelchairs to keep to the left. Of course all the others who hadnít seen the initial tiny sign had to duck under the rope and join us in the tiny channel causing us to fall even further behind our group so that we werenít even sure weíd make the same ferry as them. Then, as we hit the turnstiles, the roped off channel ends and all the strollers and wheelchairs pour into the main channel and board the ferry through exactly the same entrances as everyone else. Strange. And somewhat frustrating. :4:

    We just about make it on to the same ferry as the non-buggy pushers in our group and have a pleasant voyage back across. Once there we decide to walk back to the cars because you have to fold your buggies to get on the tram and theyíre kind of difficult to fold when they contain a sleeping child. Itís not that far to Pluto anyway.

    Remember the stuff in the pre-trip about my habit of taking random turns? Well on the way back to the hotel I missed our turn off so randomly carried on going straight ahead. By the time we pass the entrance to Old Town Iím figuring that itís probably a good idea to turn around and re-trace my steps back to where I went wrong. We eventually arrive back at the hotel where it transpires that Big Steve and Lisa didnít even realise we were going the wrong way until I did the about turn, and were actually quite excited by all the potential shopping opportunities they spotted down 192.:rolleyes008:

    Steven was so fast asleep in his car seat that we carried the whole seat to the room with us and left him asleep in it. He finally woke up for his bedtime milk at 2.30am and went straight back to sleep afterwards, this time in his crib.

    A few days later it occurred to me that Ellie didnít get a birthday cupcake. Oh well.

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    I have the same Tinkerbell cap as Ellie!


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