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Thread: can we take food and drink into Disney parks?

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    With all the security checks and things is it ok to take our own food and drink into the parks like magic kingdom or will it be confiscated? It's not that we want to avoid disney meals, we'll be going to many but some days we want to try and have some normal food and save a bit of money too

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    Yes you can as long as there are no glass bottles or jars - and NO alcohol.
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    Lots of people bring things. I tend to bring my own water.

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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!! We have brought our own food and non alcoholic drinks for some time.

    I loathe Dasani water and drink quite a bit of water, so I carry my own. We've brought everything from snacks, to downright picnic lunches on cool packs in soft sided coolers.

    The US/IOA and Seaworld parks are different though, so be alert to that. Haven't been to them in awhile, but they used to have prominently posted at the entry that no food or drink is allowed. For Seaworld we bring our food and go back to the car to eat.

    I travel a lot for work, and I'm convinced that part of the reason I remain healthy is that I am VERY particular about how much "restaurant prepared" food I eat. I far prefer to carry my own food, than to eat at counter or table service places for the most part.

    We do "dine out" don't get me wrong, but as a general rule, I prefer to be in control of what I'm eating, if that makes any sense?

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    I'll have to start another thread about places to eat at Seaworld because I felt dreadfully sick after the stuff I had there last year [ shudder ]. The preparation looked awful and was done by a girl who looked like she resented being there... big time.

    We won't have a car so no chance to really leave something in there
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    See? It's those sorts of things that push us to bring our own food to places like that, whenever possible. I was quite tempted this last time we were at SeaWorld to insist that I be allowed to bring in our own food as we really are extremely careful about what we eat, but I just didn't feel like the hassle (or the explanations...).

    We've never eaten in Sea World so I can't help you with a suggestion. There is no place within walking distance either.

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